10 Habits Christians Should Stop In Church, No 8 Is Too Common

Happy Sunday to you all and I hope services today are going great in our various church denominations. Today, let talk about some habit Christians exhibit in church which are not too cool and may send the wrong signal about our personality

1. Constant lateness to church services and meetings. It proves that your love for God and the things of the Kingdom has grown cold. Wake up before it is too late.

2. Refusing to sit where the ushers direct you to sit, it’s a sign of pride. Stop it.

3. Always running out to pick calls with your phone ringing out so loud. Switch off or mute your phone as soon you get to church.

4. Receiving calls repeatedly during every church services. It shows where your heart, your values and priorities are. Stop it.

5. Chewing gum or sleeping in church during sermon. Remember the church is neither a cinema hall nor a hotel. Please show reverence to your maker.

6. Sitting down during prayer or praise/worship session without any medical or health reasons. This makes you look very odd and unspiritual. Stop it.

7. Always looking at the church clock or your wrist watch during church hours insinuating that church should close. Please stop it.

8. Chatting and playing games on your phone during church service. It shows you are not spiritual. Please stop it

9.  Always leaving the church before closure for no particular appointment, making others who choose to stay till the end of service feel they don’t know what to do with their time. Stop it.

10.   Gathering outside the church with other members to gossip or discuss football and politics whilst worship service is going on. Stop it.

There you have it, I hope Christians of this days can always reflect back on this. You can also add yours in the comment section

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