11 Warning Signs To Know You Are Eating Too Much Sugar


In our daily diets, we tend to consume more sugar than anything else. Sugar is sweet, no doubt, but added sugar constitutes additional calories to our diets, this has no essential nutrients to help our body function well. You may be thinking what I meant by “added sugar”. There are two types of sugars:

1) Natural Sugars = These are sugars that come with the natural food we eat, like the sugar is apple, orange, Pawpaw, Water melon, Mangoes etc. Aside having natural sugar, they also have other important nutrients that will aid the good functioning of our body system.



Water melon

Apple: just like the saying goes, “An apple a day keeps diseases at Bay”


2) Added or Processed or Artificial Sugars = These are the sugars that have been already extracted from its natural source. They are added artificially to our diets, to make it sweet. Example; the sugar in the soft drinks, cakes, pap, ice cream etc. Only if you know the harm these drinks do to your kidney, you will seize to drink it often.

Soft drinks

Cubes of sugar

When we consume this added sugar in excess, it raise our blood sugar, and this increases the risk of Obesity, Diabetes and some conditions like Heart diseases, cancer etc

Heart problems


It’s quite very difficult for one to quit sugary products, yes, but we can still reduce the quantity of these sugars we inject into our body on a daily basis, because the are damaging our immune systems.

When you are eating too much sugar, there are signs that will surface on your body, look at them below:

1) Weight gain:

Eating too much sugar can make you gain weight overtime. Many people face this problem, they tend to gain weight without knowing it’s too much sugar that causes it. Sugar releases a chemical called Dopamine, this tends to make you want to eat more sugar. Please desist from it.

2) Not getting a good night rest:

Eating too much sugar makes it hard for one to fall asleep on time. Even when you eventually falls asleep, you won’t get the satisfaction you aspire when you finally wake up.

3) Blurred vision:

Too much sugar damages your vision. When you look at things, it will look Blurred and unclear.

4) Impotent:

New studies on some men showed that too much sugar can really affect the sperm count, and can make a man impotent due to excess sugar in the blood stream. This can also affect erectile dysfunction.

5) Frequent urination:

Eating too much sugar can be one of the causes of frequent urination. Eating sugary things makes one feel dehydrated and want to drink water, which will trigger urinating often.

6) Slow healing of wounds:

When you eat too much sugar, your wounds and cuts will take too much time to heal because there is excess sugar in your blood stream.

7) Increased Fatigue:

If you are always feeling tired, even without doing anything, it could be as a result of your high sugar intake. Reduce the amount of soft drinks and ice creams you consume, consume more of fruits which will supply you with other valuable nutrients that are important for a healthy body.

8) Frequent Cold and Flu:

Our body needs Vitamins and minerals to have a functional immune system. Sugar makes our immune system weak, and a weak immune system is prone to bacteria and infectious diseases. Too much sugar intake makes one to always remain with Cold, Flu and Cough.

9) Dry Skin:

Foods with high sugar content can affect our skin. When we eat more sugar, more glucose enters our blood stream and this can cause some skin issues due to increase in insulin.

10) Muscle and Joint Pain:

Excess sugar causes excruciating pains in the neck, back, shoulders, waist and other strategic places. Reduce your sugar intake today, and be well.

11) Tooth decay:

Yes, excess sugar can make our tooth to decay. We are always advised to brush our teeth after eating, especially after eating sugary things. Foods that we eat produce cavity and bacteria in our teeth, this damages our teeth.


The bottom line is: Try to reduce your artificial sugar intake, it does more harm than good. It renders our immune system weak. It’s good if we eat more of natural sugars in fruits. Remember, your health is your wealth, and our food is our medicine. “Eat Right” because when you eat right, you last long.

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