5 Places You & Your Partner Can Spend Valentine With Less Than 5k Budget [Photo]


Valentine is coming up this Friday and you just might be thinking your pocket is not that buoyant to take your bae out.

Some might even be planning to run away on Valentine’s day just because they feel they need plenty money to take bae out to have a nice time on Valentine’s day.

Calm down, you don’t have to worry, just try and hustle 5k, you and your bae will have a nice time in the places we will be mentioning on this list.

Here Are Top 5 Hangout Spot You Can Take Your Bae To On Valentine’s Day With 5k Budget

1 Cinema

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You and your bae can decide to have a cinema experience on Valentine’s day where you guys can sit comfortably at the back of cinema hall, hold hands, eat popcorn and watch an interesting movie.

You actually don’t need too much money to have fun at cinemas on Valentine’s day.

Like Ozone Cinema in Yaba, Lagos Mainland and IMAX Cinemas on the Island, their gate fee to watch a movie is between 1,500 – 2000 per person.

The remaining change, you guys can buy soft drinks and and pop-corn. Just find a spot at the extreme end if the cinema where you can easily touch bress and kiss while watching movie.

2 Beach Experience

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You wondering beach will be too expensive on Valentine’s Day?

Well, it’s not that expensive as you think because most private beach in Lagos still accept 1k as gate fee per person.

In beach, stuff might be extra expensive compared to the price outside, so it’s not a crime you buy your drinks or anything you’d like to eat from outside before entering the beach area.

Places like Eleguishi, Oniru beach and others are perfect places to go on Valentine’s day and in those places you can still get small plate of Asun for 500 naira only.

Important advice, take as much pictures as you can in the beach area to keep the memory alive. In addition, you can get a small mat to avoid paying for seat or hanging around.

3 A Classy Bar Or Lounge

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With 5k you can just visit a classy bar and lounge for maximum enjoyment with bae.

Just make sure the lounge or bar has a cool and serene environment where you can take cool pictures and be comfortable not one Iya Sikira bar and cool spot.

With 5k, you will sure have a nice time a classy bar or lounge.

4 Game Places Or Game Arcades

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One of the best places to have fun on Valentine’s day is a game place where you and your bae get to play different games at a very affordable prices.

Games Arcades like Rufus and Bees in Lekki, Ikeja City Mall Play Zone on the mainland are not that expensive with 2k-3k, you and your bae can have a nice game time.

It’s going to be a fantastic experience. Try it and thank me later.

5 Recreational Parks/Centers

Image result for lekki conservation center

If you have been to Conservation Center in Lekki or Johnson Jakande Tinubu Park around Alausa Ikeja, you will agree with me that these are perfect spots for valentine hangout.

The good thing is, these recreation centers are not expensive to visit, the highest they accept is 2k person. You can buy drinks or any edible things along.

You will enjoy the beautiful scenes of waterfall, enjoy canopy walks and other recreational activities at the Parks.

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