5 Things You Need To Know Before You Register For N-Power Next Week

The current N-power beneficiaries have been told severally to prepare for their exit from the scheme. Many of them thoughts the government was joking. Few of them take it seriously. The time has come. There has been advice from several quarters on why they should save for the raining days. Many take the advice to be embarrassment to their personalities and as such , they reacted negatively to them. Whatever it is, the time has come. The exit dates for the two batches has been known. Take it or leave it, you have to give chance to other people to test what you have been enjoying or enduring.

Below are 5 things you need to know about N-power today:

1. The recruitment of the new set of beneficiaries (third batch) will commence next week (June 26). The minister of humanitarian and Disaster Management, Sadiya Farouq stated this through one of his aid on Friday in Abuja, the ministry of Social investment have said in the latest update about the scheme that government have to do this in-lline with the promise of the

president Buhari to pull hundreds of Nigerians out of poverty. She said that BVN will be needed in the excercis. She warned that current beneficiaries will not be allowed again. She further state that people with disabilities will be considered as well.

2. The first batch that was recruited into the scheme in 2016 will be living the scheme on the 30th of June 2020. They are the first to come, so they have to go first.

3. The second batch that joined the scheme in 2018 will as well, be leaving the scheme on the 31st of July, 2020. Been the second group of beneficiaries, they have one month to spend after the exit of the first batch.

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4. Application portal will be open from June 26 2020, by noon. There will be chance for every qualify person. That was according to the minister.

5. There will be transition of some beneficiaries from the first and second batches into government entrepreneurship scheme. Private sectors will also be included in absorbing some of these out-going beneficiaries from the two batches.

Congratulations in advance as you prepare your credentials awaiting June 26. If the minister words is anything to go by, by noon that day, the portal will be open. I urge you not to be in a hurry to apply. Allow others to do it before you while you gather experiences from them to avoid mistakes. That is to those that will be applying.

To the outgoing ones, congratulations, especially those of you that save for raining days. Enjoy the fruits of your labor. Those that refused to save, you have learnt your lessons. Try and save when such opportunity comes again.

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