A Lady Threatens A Man With Madness After 28 Abortions For Him

After a lady vowed to infect him with madness for dumping her after performing 28 abortions on him, a Nigerian man identified as Kunle is reportedly trending on social media.

The lady who shared her story with a Twitter influencer revealed that the man is a childhood friend and, despite being older, they dated for a very long time.

She said she turned down several suitors who asked her hand marriage thinking her many-year-old friend, Kunle would get married to her.

She tried to walk out of the relationship on one occasion, she revealed that Kunle bought a ring worth N500 and got her engaged that she has been wearing for 3 years now.

She said Kunle avoided marriage talks saying he’s not yet buoyant enough to take care of her and her children, a major reason she kept aborting a series of pregnancies until she lost count on the 28

When Kunle eventually decided to settle down, she said both had set a date for her introduction, which he failed to show up on that day with his people after they had already made the requisite arrangements and invited people to grace the opportunity.

Writing further, she noted that the contacts of Kunle had been turned off and when he was eventually reachable, he complained that his parents were against him marrying an older lady, something the lady said he had told her years earlier that it would never be a problem.

Enraged by the role of Kunle and the decision of her parents, the lady is now hellbent on finding revenge, and has vowed to make sure that he runs wild.

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