After 5 Years, See What President Buhari Is Saying About Missing Chibok Girls

The President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria Muhammadu Buhari remembers the chocolate girls who ere abducted 5 years ago by the terrorists sect Boko Haram.

Today marks five years since the abduction of our Chibok daughters. We have succeeded in bringing back 107 of them, but we will not rest until all the remaining girls are back and reunited with their families. I made this promise when I became President, and I will keep it.

I extend our best wishes to all the Chibok girls in various schools in Nigeria and around the world. Special congratulations to Kauna Yaga Bitrus, who has excelled in her college in Maine, USA, and will very soon be receiving an ‘Against All Odds Award’ from her school. It gladdens our hearts to see the progress being made by the young women rescued from Boko Haram. We celebrate their courage & determination to defy the evil ideology of the terrorists, by continuing to pursue their education. There is no doubt that the world is inspired by them.

He also promises not to keep on working towards the release of the rest of the chibok girls including Leah shuaibu the recent occurrence.

We will never give up on our missing daughters, including Leah Sharibu; and all the other people held hostage by Boko Haram. In the last four years our security agencies have successfully rescued thousands of captives, and they will not relent until every captive is free.



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