Android Phones You Can Buy With Budget Below 30k In Nigeria [Photos]

The poor economy has significantly impacted a lot of damages and fluctuation of prices,but where there is a will there is surely a way.

Some of their cheap phones which prices are below 30k are as follows:

1.Quotel C16

This is one of the cheap products that are available in their market. It a 5.71inch included with 2GB RAM 16GB ROM. It installed with Android 9 with 2900mAh



Cubot  is also a product available at a lower price. Smart Mobile phone with 6.1inch full display and very great camera specs as seen in the picture

3.Tecno POP3:

Tecno POP3  is one of the best cheap phones with also 16GB inner memory,and 1GB of RAM, Fingerprint and Face  ID. In fact you need to start purchasing at least one for yourself.

4.Tecno POP2f:

Tecno POP2f is also part of the deal,you can choose anyone you like. In this life everything is all about choices.

5. ITEL P36 :

ITEL P36 is currently the trending phone just released by the company, tho it’s a little bit higher than 30k but it’s has great features you can save extra 3k to get, see features in the picture below.

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