Coronavirus: Cardi B’s Test Result Is Out, Fans React [Photo]


Cardi B, is an American rapper, songwriter, television personality and actress

in an Instagram video she posted, she finds it hard to believe she is test positive to the Corona virus test results, she made an overwhelming statement.

She said:Why is the general public in confusion on the fake spread of the Corona virus, she narrates how she went to the hospital for check up and her test was positive, but she’s having no symptoms of any of the Corona virus.

The Corona virus is very much real as first word, you have to be sick for 8 days before you do the test,and the test is for 2 days.

You have to clearly have the symptoms first before you go for check up, if you’re under 30 and you are having cold, the cold have to last for 8 days before you check do the test, if you’re above 40 and you’re having a cold, they will test you right away and you will have to wait for 8 days if your temperature degree rises above normal human body degree, then you go for test again then that’s when they tell you what to do.

She added:

Y’all should not just send any patient of the virus home because he or she might be living in a small house with a lot of people, which will increase the spread of the virus. The government should not charge any person for hospital check and treatment of the virus because some people can’t even afford all that kind of money.

Here’s how her fans reacted on the video:

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