DAY 7-7: Very Dangerous Things That May Happen If You Don’t Take Care


7/7 has been said to be mainly for Aye confraternity. A day where everyone of them believe to be a freedom day. Most of them celebrate themselves, jubilate, drink and wine so as to Rejoice over their acclaimed freedom.

But it would have been better if they are only celebrating their freedom. It is very unfortunate that many of them use that opportunity to kill themselves.

They spill blood and shatter the souls of their rivalry which is very devastating to the community. In addition, when they are carrying out their operation. These guys shot sporadically and in that process, bullet may hit an innocent soul.

However, if you still love your life, you should stay away from these places today.

1. Bar: This place is very dangerous because curt members may come here to ‘jolly’, and in that process, they may strike. This means you are not save if you are here.

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2. Bush: if you are always fond of easing yourself in the bush, you should also be careful because some of those cult members celebrate their day in the bush

3. Dark places: Darkness is often what cultists like most. That is why you should not even go to any dark places today.

4. School Area: if you are living in school area, you have to be careful. Because all these guys mainly make use of school area.

5. Drug/ weed junctions: It is not necessary for you to be a cultist before you can be hit by bullet. If you’re a type who smoke or drug, you should stay away from that place today because of cult people. They may also strike in the place.

However, you need to stay safe today. I pray God will order our steps and guide us!

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