“Does staying with your in-laws improves your marriage or worsens it?

Whether it’s a blessing or not, staying with your in-laws
Does it improve your marriage or make it worse

Everyone has a personal response to this topic
It’s like asking is fufu palatable or not?
Those who eat will say yes and those who don’t will say something bad about it.Therefore everyone here has their own answer whether it’s a blessing or not to stay with your in-laws
Now to begin with, let’s go back to the garden

Even God when he brought Adam and Eve together, his intention was to have continuous fellowship with them but he was a regular visitor to Adam and Eve
We should understand that the Nuclear family system is very ideal throughout scripture
When we see parents staying with their children , it means there are issues they want to assist to solve
Abraham had was out of reach to God until he was separated from lots. Isaac had his own family likewise Jacob

It’s a beautiful thing to stay with the wife of your youth and make a family together without staying with your family but as I said, there are circumstances which may alter this option Now please note that every parents are naturally partial Especially the mothers. And every parents wants to stand with their children, When there’s an issue, most parents will side with their children because of the affection they have for them

So if you are staying with your in-laws and issues crop up, the normal parents will side with their children emotionally and only few will be objective And neutral
That’s why in many marriages if after th engagement they are selecting counselors from families to stand with the couple in case of any challenge, they don’t take parents but other elderly people who can do the work well
Also when you are with your in-laws, sometimes they forget that u are also grown up and you are in charge of your own home
They sometimes see you and talk t you as their little girl or little boy they have know all their lives
They will begin to tell u how u sucked their breast-and paid your fees and changed your napkin
Oohhh mothers are wonderful
They will dictate to you sometimes like u were still 16 years
So the tendency of a woman listening to her mother’s instruction against her husbands instruction is highly possible if the mother is in the house

Sometimes too the in-laws are very helpful especially in these days that both the man and woman are all working and sometimes the children needs help in the absence of parents. Many circumstances may arise which may warrant that your in-laws should be there to help
That will be for a season It’s not a permanent life.

Therefore In the case of these I have said, wisdom is highly required for couples to go through such situations when they arise
But the worse is that no matter how rich your parents are or they like you, when you marry, leave their house If they give you a house in their house, rent it out and go rent some somewhere It will afford you the peace money can’t buy.

It varies with circumstances, situations and application of wisdom when it comes to your in-laws coming to help you with your issues Temporarily. But to marry and stay with your in-laws is a question you will not be able to solve, The best advice is to leave and get your own privacy and build your home with the culture you both want for your future. Abraham did that, Isaac did that and Jacob did that, you may be in the same area but make sure you are not in the same house with them, It is called privacy.

One day your mommy y will call you to go and buy her credit whiles you are making love to your wife and you understand that some mothers can do all that,
So in the nut shell, scripture advices that a man will leave his father and mother and shall cleave to his wife and they Twain shall be one. Leaving is to cleave and that is to build a culture for the two of you as to how God has determined to use you.

The lord give us wisdom to apply these few words amen



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