EKSU-SU President Suspended Along with 3 Others, See Reasons [Photo]


Today saw a dramatic event at the campus of the Ekiti State University, Ado Ekiti as the Lawmakers arm of the Government during her sitting  suspend’s the SUG President, General Secretary, Financial Secretary And Treasurer.

See official  Statement below:

The Students’ Senate Council pursuant to its power as enshrined in section 56 of the Student Union Government Constitution hereby write to notify you on the indefinite suspension of the President, General Secretary, Treasurer and Financial Secretary as a result of the flagrant violation of the extant provision of the section 28(15)(J) of the constitution.

It was reported the parties were involved in unlawful management of the body’s fund which led to serious damage to the body’s account

The above cited section makes it mandatory and sacrosanct that the financial statement of the union be sent to the students senate council on or before the 20th of every months.
The above stated office holders who are signatories to the account of the union have conspired to jointly violate the provision of the section 28(15)(J) of the constitution and a result of their refusal to timely make available their signatures for the purpose of retrieval of bank statement and subsequent submission of same to the Senate Council.

Confirming the event by the spoke person to the Senate president, he shared with us that the information is true and authentic. At this point,  all communications made to the SUG President said to be abortive.

The suspension is approved and supported by twenty-five (25) members of the Senate Council who were present at the joint sitting of the Senate.
This suspension has been carried out in the spirit of checks and balance with complete absence of personal vendetta. Please kindly take note.

Senate President
Sen. Amoran Oluwaseyi. B

Senate Clerk
Sen. Yusuf Olayiwola. O

The vice president of the association is said to take over with immediate effect until all charges are washed off.


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