‘Errand Boy’ Femi Fani Kayode List 9 Reasons Nigeria Vice President Should Resign

Femi Fani Kayode,  is a lawyer and a politician who has once served as a minister of culture and also as a minister of aviation during the regime of former president Obasanjo. Clearly he is a loyal PDP member.

Today @realFFK blasted the Nigeria Vice President of Nigeria calling him an errand boy publicly on twitter . See post below:

1. His helicopter crashed but instead of him to proceed to a hospital his boss asked him to continue sharing trader money.
2. A SAN and Prof. of Law, yet under him lawlessness is practiced: he deputises for a fellow who has no proof of both primary and secondary education
3. They took a Bill to the United Kingdom for your boss to sign and publicised it to further humiliate you.
4. As an ERRAND boy, your boss sent a junior Minister to represent him in an event that you were present.
5. A real ERRAND boy… They have removed all your aides from Aso Villa to a rented apartment in Maitama.
6. ERRAND boy, you went and knelt before Abba Kyari to stop the criminal investigation against you
7. We told you this would happen but you refused to listen. Today, your two bosses, Tinubu and Buhari, are against you.
8. As for your Pastorship, well, we don’t know again.
9. Sorry! With this latest humiliation of taking a document to an ailing man without recourse to you, it serves as a confirmation that you are now a certified ERRAND boy

10. The latest is that your boss has now sacked 36 of your aides in your office. Are you waiting for them to lock you out of Aguda House before you resign and go back home to Ikenne?
11. We don’t pity you. You opted for it. While he’s in the United Kingdom he sent you to his village Daura to attend the turbaning/coronation of an unknown Chief. So sad! We pray you receive sense.

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