Four Reasons Why You Should Stop Eating Groundnut.

I agree that they taste good, very nice. If it’s fried or boiled, several items like banana, garri can still be enjoyed and it can also be converted into several other finished goods. This is where all of the ‘Groundnut oil’ comes from. That’s one subject for another day, though. Groundnut’s inexpensive nature is a striking attribute, so it’s almost impossible to visit many Nigerian homes and not find groundnut bottles. And it is highly important to challenge what you eat in this day and age. The fact that this kind of meal worked for our fathers doesn’t mean it works for you. It is extremely important to note that not everything that is tasty is healthy.

Having this in mind, here are some unmistakable facts showing how dangerous groundnuts-eating could be. Please read carefully and take the precaution required.

1. Ever heard of Aflatoxin?

Aflatoxins are now fungi found in nuts and cereals that retain moisture, particularly during storage. These contaminants are very common on groundnuts because they are first processed before being shipped to the market as for any agricultural product. Moreover, the groundnut kernel, or ‘cover’ as it would be called by some people, tends to hold water and this could be harmful. Aflatoxin has been identified as a leading cause of cancer, and more so, it can cause liver damage.

2. Dangerous Calories:

Understanding the advantages of eating safe, I can inform you with great certainty that groundnut is a high-calorie snack, and if you’re afraid of being obese, you can avoid it. Obesity can cause heart disease, sleep apnea, stroke, and other underlying diseases. Then, I have to look at the groundnut.

3. Groundnut causes allergy :

If you see how badly children and even some adults are responding to Groundnut ‘s intake, you will be dreading the nut. In children, these allergies are more common. To avoid such an incident, you must be vigilant of what you are feeding them because allergies can become harmful if they are not quickly identified and given the appropriate medical attention.

4. High Blood Pressure:

Owing to the presence of so much cholesterol in the Groundnut, it’s dangerous to eat the Groundnut. It’s best to leave Groundnuts for the production of cooking oil, as against eating them in their unprocessed form. This is indeed a warning, for those that love their heart.

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