How Men And Women Want To Be Loved

Being in love is such a wonderful thing and it’s the best thing that can ever happen to individuals therefore there are ways a man would want to be loved and there are ways a woman would want to be loved when you mixed this up you might end up not having that picture perfect love you really wanted.

Today I will be sharing with you one principal way in which a man and a woman really wants to be shown love.


Men desire to be love physically not emotionally because often time men see woman who love them emotionally as being weak therefore they never follow the trend of such love, don’t get it wrong some men are emotional in nature this doesn’t mean he wants to be loved emotionally, therefore, men wants love to be shown to them physically in your words and action spending time with him and doing what he likes make him want you more his soul crave so much for you whenever you are not around him because he missed all those things you do when you are together. showing your man the strength in you will go along way in handling your relationships and love life.

Most women lost it from the very beginning by loving emotionally instead of the physically aspect of it, and what happen if you get hooked up with a man that is less or not romantic at all?, he end up seeing you asking for too much of his time and you either end up regretting it at the end because you don’t get what you really wanted. he will never be romantic the way you want unless you do it physically with him then he can learn from it gradually. Because the key to make a man fall in love with you is in the physical demonstration of the love for him.


Most women wants a man that is romantic, they get turn on by the romantic aspect of the relationship in spite of how other people sees it they wanted to remain in such relationships because they are inspire by the romantic nature of the man.

Therefore, women in general wants to be loved emotionally they want to fall in love with you over and over again because the emotional aspect of you is alive and active it gives them inspiration. But often time men that are not romantic don’t know how to go about this they believe that making a woman to love you is so much about gifts, money and going out together some believe no woman will go out with a man that has no money, it doesn’t work that way not every woman is a gift, money and outing freak to them it’s normal thing and it doesn’t change anything. of course anybody can buy you a gift, give you money and you can go out with anybody if you wish! It’s still not the basis of her falling in love with you.

I tell you 90% of woman will go you on a date with you , accept your gifts and money still they don’t have feeling for you!. why?! Because you cannot buy woman’s feelings with money and gifts. if you are in the category of men in this situation it will be difficult for you to experience true love because women will never falls in love with you totally to then you believe in your money and gifts that it can pave way for you to find true love, it doesn’t work that way with a woman she don’t really want your money all she wants is that emotional part of you.

She wants a man of her own choice even if he had nothing to offer her at the moment as far as he has the quality she wanted she will go for him…

Therefore, as a man you must know how to love a woman emotionally they needed your cares, attentions, time, love, your sense of humor protection, sing for them write them poet and be romantic not money money money all the time. If you did give a woman money and gifts all the time doesn’t guarantee her love for you, you can’t buy a woman’s heart, you can only earn it, the only way you can earn it is being emotionally attached, attractive and in love with her.

Don’t go physically with what you’ve to a woman, you will definitely turn her down and even if she give you a chance she will soon get tired and fall out of love for you.

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