How To Know When A Property Agent Is Lying


Today we bring to you guidelines to save yourself stress and how to know when your property agent is lying. When it comes to buying and selling properties, or renting apartments, you’d definitely need the assistance of a good real estate agent.

But how do you know if a real estate agent is lying? … Or when he is lying?

There are 4 unmistakable signs that lets you know when an agent is lying.

No. 1: When he gives you misleading property descriptions.

You probably might have heard things likeĀ  “That land close to the Dangote refinery is just 25minutes drive from chevron roundabout”
Such descriptions are misleading and as such you need to be on alert.

No 2: When he talks too much without even giving attention to your desires or past experiences.

No 3: When he over inflates the property value.

Yes! Properties in Lekki and Ibeju Lekki are consistently increasing in value. But when an agent starts telling you “Buy now! this property is going to go up in value by over 500% next year”, then there’s every tendency that he’s lying. This is because even if the property would go up in value by over 500% next year, he doesn’t need to blurt it out like that.

No 4: When he gives you inappropriate details as if to prove he’s telling the truth.

Liars want to sound convincing and earnest, so they’ll often add emphatic phrases to their speech to reinforce their credibility. If you hear things like “To tell you the truth,” “To be honest” or “I swear to God,” take note and be on guard.

Am I trying to say that all real estate agents are liars? Heavens No! There are lots of sincere ones out there.

I just want you to be equipped with the right information to know when and if an agent is lying to you.

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