The fundamental principles behind knowing how to make a first class in school is what student of every higher institutions and colleges should learn.
The whole idea about making a first class is as a result of the rising demand by employers of labor for professionals and experts in different fields of career. One cannot neglect the fact that graduating with good grades is of high benefit in recent times.
It is important to know why you should strive to graduate with a first class honor before you now learn how to make a first class in school. Many times, students have been wondering what sort of brain particular students, studying the same course with them do that makes them score so high. The truth of the matter is that you too can score high grades in the school.

Making a first class in the university demands a whole lot of an unwavering efforts and consistency. It is about something you do every day such that it may have to turn to a habit. Once so, you feel so bad with yourself if a day passes without observing the usual routine. These strategies will help you.
Strategies on how to make a first class in School
There are different things you must do to enable you achieve a first class result in school. Some of them include the following.
Choose the right Course of Study: Recently, parents have opted to the attitude deciding what course of study their children will undergo. These have resulted to making their children enroll in courses that are very difficult for them and nearly impossible for them to graduate. The thing is that choosing a particular course or department that is engineered and determine by your parents instead of your choice makes it a gross catastrophe, especially when it is a difficult course of study.

Now this is how to choose the right course of study. When choosing subjects for your entry level examination and qualification, always endeavor to select those subjects that didn’t give you much of a tough time to pass and those ones you know within yourself that you are capable of passing. It may sound funny but people don’t know that it all starts here. You can get a counselor to help you in choosing and selection process that will suit your course of study at the university level.

2. Let’s assume you’ve been admitted into the University of your Choice, and you have commenced lectures. These strategy advices that you study every day, making sure to revise each of the whole previous lessons before the next one. Gaining mastery of the lessons makes you understand what you couldn’t get during the classes and becoming ready for any test or exams. Once you become ready for an impromptu test or exams, it means you’ve actually been studying and working. The fact here is that there is no magic, the only secret is reading and studying hard and also having clarity and understanding about what you are reading.

3. Read wide.

4. Solve problems and questions on your materials, hand out and text book.

5. Associate yourself with colleges with the same vision with you and those that score high in your department.

6. Study all time; in your leisure and time you make out of a busy day.

7. Do your assignment and submit in time.

8. Make sure to try as much as possible to score at least 90% in your continuous assessment and at least 70% in exams. This helps a lot and you should know that.

9. Take you’re a academic as a priority, knowing it’s just for a period of time and the fact that you’re challenging yourself into achieving something big. It usually pays off later.

10. Do not neglect the God factor.

Final Words
Remember the quote that says shoot for the moon, even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars. These is to say that while you strive to achieve a first class honor in school, incase at the end you don’t graduate with that, you will at least graduate with a second class upper division.

HOW TO MAKE A FIRST CLASS IN SCHOOL written and compiled By Nkajamesnka


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