Is This The Reason Burna Lost Grammy 2020 To Angelique Kidjo [Open This]


A well deserved win to Kidjo.

The content of her songs are out of this world. She is a mix of Maya Angelou and Miriam Makeba.

Music lovers and genuine content critics like myself would have given up on the credibility and essence of the Grammy Awards if another undeserving artiste had won this.

Sentiments aside, Nigeria is yet to replicate another Fela Kuti in the global music sphere.

Fela is the only Nigerian deserving of a Grammy.

Because music is not about dancesteps or groupie trends but about a movement, a message, reawakening a consciousness and yet the melody from real musical instruments.

This is a reality lost on today’s Nigerian artistes aside from Asá who still lacks in consistency.

Watch Kidjo’s Speech:

As an African act, till your music can be accepted by Pastors, Imams, Youths, elders, global leaders, United Nations and illiterates, then you stand a chance of being an African Album or winning a foreign award in Music.

Nigeria and Nigerians must understand that club bangers do not translate to foreign awards in global music.


Burna’s Performance At Grammy 2020

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