Legitimate Ways Students Can Make Money From Home During Pandemic Lockdown [Must Read]

As at present, many students are depressed because they don’t have money. Many are getting bored everyday because they don’t have something they are doing. As a matter of fact, if you don’t have something you’re doing you may actually become depressed because you will be thinking on negative things.

Nigerian students are currently tired of home. This is because of the Coronavirus which keeps increasing in numbers every day. Most students believe the school is going to resume as soon as possible, but it is not so because the government are still contemplating on school resumptions.

However, because there is not stipulated date for school resumptions, there are some profitable works you could do online. Which will be provided for you in this article:

1. Taking classes online/ online tutorial: instead of sitting at home doing nothing why don’t you make use of what you have learnt in school and translate it to what you can sell. Take for example, you can organize classes in your discipline then make fliers for people in that line to apply. Taking classes online is what is common these days. As a chef, graphic designer, blogger, there are opportunities for your to translate your knowledge to what sell.

2. Social media job: This really takes time because you have to build your followers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Social media job includes products promotion, brand promotion and social media management.

You can build your followers so you can use that influence to help brands to promote their goods and services.

You can also use that influence to help brands and firms to manage their social media presence.

3. Digital marketing: if you have not learnt this skills of course, you need to do. This is another job opportunity for you as a student

Of course, this job requires you to have more viewers on WhatsApp and more followers on twitters.

This involves making use of your influence to market goods and services of another brand which you get commission from each product that sells through you.

4. Online data selling: So many people believe that data is life. That is more reason why you should consider selling data so you can begin to make money online.

5. Selling goods online: Of course, so many students are also into one trade or the other. All you need to do is to start selling your products online. Items you can sell online include shoes, bags, clothes and jeweleries.

6. Freelancing: There are many freelancing platforms like upwork and fiverr. You just have to google them so you can find more.

You can start a freelance writing or you as a graphic designer, you can start designing graphics too in these freelance platforms. See more of this on liteup9ja blog

7. Content creation/Writing for Opera news: many news platforms and blogs offer you opportunity to write for them including Opera news. That is why you have to maximize your writing skills inorder to make money before schools resume.

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