Listen To This Open Confession From Olori Badirat Accused Of Sleeping With K1 [Audio]

New report has it that Badirat Ajoke the youngest of ALAAFIN of Oyo’s wives has been sent out of the palace on allegations of having extramarital affairs with popular Fuji Singer, KWAM 1.

Badirat, 29, graduate of the University of Ibadan, is married to Alaafin, 81-year-old.

The 29 Year old Badirat has openly reacted to allegations regarding sleeping with the legendary singer.

Listen to this conversation below:

K1, Mayegun of Oyo decided to start his official duty as Mayegun from the Alaafin’s place after he was installed by the same Alaafin sometimes prior.

Nigerians are currently reacting over the brouhaha that surfaced in Alaafin of Oyo palace over the infidelity of one of his spouses as insults keep reigning on the prominent Fuji musician over his lack of self-control.

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