Full Updated Result Of 2019 Presidential Election By INEC

Below are the so far announced results of the presidential election conducted on February 23rd 2019 transmitting from international Conference Center Abuja by the INEC Chairman Mamood Yakubu. 

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Ekiti State:

Total No: Reg Voters: 899,919

Total No: of Accredited: 395,741

Total Votes Cast: 393,709

Total Valid Votes: 381,132

Rejected Votes: 12,577

AAC: 400

ADC: 406

ADP: 126

APC: 219,231

PDP: 154,032

SDP: 48

Osun State:

Total No: Reg Voters: 1,674,729

Total No: of Accredited: 732,984

Total Votes Cast: 731,882

Total Valid Votes: 714,682

Rejected Votes: 17200

AAC: 1,022

ADC: 1,525

ADP: 9,057

APC: 347,634

PDP: 337,377

SDP: 259

C.O: Prof. Moh’d S. L

Total No: Reg Voters: 1,335,015
Total No: of Accredited: 467,784
Total Votes Cast: 451,408
Total Valid Votes: 423,951
Rejected Votes: 27,457

AAC: 583
ADC: 246
ADP: 145
APC: 152,224
PDP: 259,997
SDP: 410

Kwara State
Total No: Reg Voters: 1,401 895
Total No: of Accredited: 489,482
Total Votes Cast: 486,254
Total Valid Votes: 459,676
Rejected Votes: 26,578

AAC: 401
ADC: 456
ADP: 203
APC: 308,984
PDP: 138,184
SDP: 212

Nasarawa State
C.O: Prof. Nwakwo A.

Total No: Reg Voters: 1,509,481
Total No: of Accredited: 613,720
Total Votes Cast: 599,399
Total Valid Votes: 580,778
Rejected Votes: 18,621

AAC: 75
ADC: 339
ADP: 107
APC: 289,903
PDP: 283,847
SDP: 359

Kogi State
C.O: Prof. Adiku M.U

Total No: Reg Voters: 1,640,449
Total No: of Accredited: 570,773
Total Votes Cast: 553,496
Total Valid Votes: 521,016
Rejected Votes: 32,480
AAC: 250
ADC: 4,369
ADP: 499
APC: 285,894
PDP: 218,207
SDP: 2,226

Gombe State
C.O: Prof. Kyari M.

Total No: Reg Voters: 1,385,191
Total No: of Accredited: 604,240
Total Votes Cast: 580,649
Total Valid Votes: 554,203
Rejected Votes: 26,446

AAC: 165
ADC: 248
ADP: 135
APC: 402,961
PDP: 138,484
SDP: 248

Ondo State

C.O: Prof. Kayode S

Total No: Reg Voters: 1,812,567

Total No: of Accredited: 598,586

Total Votes Cast: 586,827

Total Valid Votes: 555,994

Rejected Votes: 30,833







Abia State
C.O: Prof. Chinedum N.

Total No: Reg Voters: 1,793,861
Total No: of Accredited: 361,561
Total Votes Cast: 344,471
Total Valid Votes: 323,291
Rejected Votes: 21,180

AAC: 212
ADC: 336
ADP: 131
APC: 85,058
PDP: 219,698
SDP: 472

Yobe State
C.O: Prof. Abubakar O.

Total No: Reg Voters: 1,365,913
Total No: of Accredited: 601,059
Total Votes Cast: 586,137
Total Valid Votes: 559,365
Rejected Votes: 26,772

AAC: 137
ADC: 162
ADP: 107
APC: 497,914
PDP: 50,763
SDP: 180

Enugu State
C.O: Prof. Joseph E.

Total No: Reg Voters: 1,935,168
Total No: of Accredited: 452,765
Total Votes Cast: 451,063
Total Valid Votes: 421,014
Rejected Votes: 30,049

AAC: 219
ADC: 348
ADP: 137
APC: 54,423
PDP: 355,553
SDP: 130

Ebonyi State
C.O: Prof. Francis C.

Total No: Reg Voters: 1,392,931
Total No: of Accredited: 391,747
Total Votes Cast: 379,394
Total Valid Votes: 359,131
Rejected Votes: 20,263

AAC: 205
ADC: 213
ADP: 102
APC: 90,726
PDP: 258,573
SDP: 452

Niger State 
C.O: Prof. A. Freeman

Total No: Reg Voters: 2,375,568
Total No: of Accredited: 911,964
Total Votes Cast: 896,976
Total Valid Votes: 851,937
Rejected Votes:45,039

AAC: 324
ADC: 588
ADP: 2,582
APC: 612,371
PDP: 218,052
SDP: 239

Jigawa State
C.O: Prof. A. Abdullahi

Total No: Reg Voters: 2,104,889
Total No: of Accredited: 1,171,801
Total Votes Cast: 1,149,922
Total Valid Votes: 1,106,244
Rejected Votes: 43,678

AAC: 226
ADC: 261
ADP: 107
APC: 794,738
PDP: 289,895
SDP: 5,011

Kaduna State
C.O: Prof: B.B Shehu

Total No: Reg Voters: 3,861,033
Total No: of Accredited: 1,757,868
Total Votes Cast: 1,709,005
Total Valid Votes: 1,663,603
Rejected Votes: 45,402

AAC: 243
ADC: 558
ADP: 227
APC: 993,445
PDP: 649,612
SDP: 1,737

Anambra State
C.O: Prof: F. Ogbonaya

Total No: Reg Voters: 2,389,332
Total No: of Accredited: 675,273
Total Votes Cast: 625,035
Total Valid Votes:605,734
Rejected Votes:19,301

AAC: 124
ADC: 227
ADP: 427
APC: 33,298
PDP: 524,738
SDP: 932

C.O: Prof: S. Abdulkareem

Total No: Reg Voters: 2,796,542
Total No: of Accredited: 905,007
Total Votes Cast: 891,080
Total Valid Votes: 836,531
Rejected Votes: 54,549

AAC: 4,041
ADC: 40,830
ADP: 25,384
APC: 365,229
PDP: 366,690
SDP: 766

C.O: Prof: A. Haruna

Total No: Reg Voters: 1,959,322
Total No: of Accredited:874,920
Total Votes Cast:860,756
Total Valid Votes:811,534
Rejected Votes:49,222

AAC: 282
ADC: 3,989
ADP: 329
APC: 378,078
PDP: 410,266
SDP: 978

C.O: Prof: A.M Gani

Total No: Reg Voters:2,453,512
Total No: of Accredited:1,075,330
Total Votes Cast:1,061,955
Total Valid Votes:1,024,307
Rejected Votes:37,648

AAC: 183
ADC: 296
ADP: 123
APC: 798,428
PDP: 209,313
SDP: 516

C.O: Prof: F.K Salako

Total No: Reg Voters: 6,313,507
Total No: of Accredited: 1,196,490
Total Votes Cast: 1,156,590
Total Valid Votes: 1,089,567
Rejected Votes: 67,023

AAC: 8,910
ADC: 2,915
ADP: 1,262
APC: 580,825
PDP: 448,015
SDP: 770

C.O: Prof: A.A. Joseph

Total No: Reg Voters: 2,336,887
Total No: of Accredited: 613,397
Total Votes Cast: 605,938
Total Valid Votes: 564,256
Rejected Votes: 41,682

AAC: 3,196
ADC: 25,283
ADP: 7,705
APC: 281,762
PDP: 194,655
SDP: 1,374

C.O: Prof: Ndawayale

Total No: Reg Voters: 2,150,127
Total No: of Accredited: 604,915
Total Votes Cast: 599,228
Total Valid Votes: 560,711
Rejected Votes: 38,517

AAC: 3,106
ADC: 850
ADP: 714
APC: 267,842
PDP: 275,691
SDP: 184


Total No: Reg Voters: 2,391,276
Total No: of Accredited: 786,069
Total Votes Cast: 763,872
Total Valid Votes: 728,912
Rejected Votes: 34,960

AAC: 309
ADC: 554
ADP: 312
APC: 347,668
PDP: 356,817
SDP: 4,927

C.O: Prof. B.C. Ozunda

Total No: Reg Voters: 2,037,569
Total No: of Accredited: 585,741
Total Votes Cast: 542,777
Total Valid Votes: 511,586
Rejected Votes: 31,191

AAC: 467
ADC: 541
ADP: 421
APC: 140,463
PDP: 334,923
SDP: 772

C.O: Prof. A.K. Richard

Total No: Reg Voters:2,423,381
Total No: of Accredited:1,074,042
Total Votes Cast:1,062,862
Total Valid Votes:1,034,853
Rejected Votes:28,009


C.O: Prof. M. Garuba

Total No: Reg Voters:5,391,581
Total No: of Accredited:2,006,410
Total Votes Cast:1,964,751
Total Valid Votes:1,891,134
Rejected Votes:73,617

AAC: 416
ADC: 591
ADP: 439
PDP: 391,593
SDP: 635

C.O: Prof. Fatima

Total No: Reg Voters:3,210,422
Total No: of Accredited:1,628,865
Total Votes Cast:1,619,185
Total Valid Votes:1,555,473
Rejected Votes:63,712

AAC: 186
ADC: 237
ADP: 140
APC: 1,232,133
PDP: 308,056
SDP: 150

C.O: Prof. Shehu Adamu

Total No: Reg Voters:1,777,105
Total No: of Accredited: 756,111
Total Votes Cast: 741,564
Total Valid Votes: 712,877
Rejected Votes: 28,687

AAC: 116
ADC: 211
ADP: 136
APC: 324,906
SDP: 862


Total No: Reg Voters: 1,512,915
Total No: of Accredited: 461,033
Total Votes Cast: 446,046
Total Valid Votes: 421,901
Rejected Votes: 24,145

AAC: 242
ADC: 326
ADP: 110
APC: 117,302
PDP: 295,737
SDP: 1,395

C.O: Prof. O. Orumwense

Total No: Reg Voters: 2,119,727
Total No: of Accredited: 695,677
Total Votes Cast: 605,140
Total Valid Votes: 578,775
Rejected Votes: 26,365


C.O: Prof. S.A Ibrahim

Total No: Reg Voters: 2,319,434
Total No: of Accredited: 987,290
Total Votes Cast: 955,205
Total Valid Votes: 919,786
Rejected Votes: 35,419

AAC: 269
ADC: 301
ADP: 75
APC: 836,496
PDP: 71,788
SDP: 322

C.O: Prof. S.A. Jaja

Total No: Reg Voters: 2,719,313
Total No: of Accredited: 891,647
Total Votes Cast: 882,254
Total Valid Votes: 829,762
Rejected Votes: 52,492

AAC: 1,626
ADC: 1,075
ADP: 241
APC: 221,292
PDP: 594,068
SDP: 1,745

C.O: Prof. Z.I. Akpagu

Total No: Reg Voters:923,182
Total No: of Accredited:344,237
Total Votes Cast:335,856
Total Valid Votes:321,767
Rejected Votes:14,089

AAC: 126
ADC: 1,078
ADP: 139
APC: 118,821
PDP: 197,933
SDP: 124

C.O: Prof. M. Bello

Total No: Reg Voters: 1,895,266
Total No: of Accredited: 950,107
Total Votes Cast: 925,940
Total Valid Votes: 871,891
Rejected Votes: 54,049

AAC: 181
ADC: 331
ADP: 189
APC: 490,333
PDP: 361,604
SDP: 301

C.O: Prof. A.H. Bichi

Total No: Reg Voters: 1,802,697
Total No: of Accredited: 835,238
Total Votes Cast:803,755
Total Valid Votes:756,605
Rejected Votes:47,150

AAC: 276
ADC: 285
ADP: 205
APC: 581,552
PDP: 154,282
SDP: 2,376

C.O: Prof. K. Bala

Total No: Reg Voters: 1,717,128
Total No: of Accredited: 616,168
Total Votes Cast: 597,224
Total Valid Votes: 578,439
Rejected Votes: 18,785

AAC: 186
ADC: 186
ADP: 102
APC: 438,682
PDP: 125,423
SDP: 81

C.O: Prof. E. Essien

Total No: Reg Voters:3,215,273
Total No: of Accredited:678,167
Total Votes Cast:666,585
Total Valid Votes:642,165
Rejected Votes: 24,420

AAC: 372
ADC: 597
ADP: 295
APC: 150,710
PDP: 473,971
SDP: 1,244

INEC has concluded the 2019 Election Presidential Results after it announced results from all states and FCT.

APC: 15,191,847 ✔
PDP: 11,262,978
Rejected Votes: 1,289,607

Margin: 3,928,868

That Muhammadu Buhari of the APC, having satisfied the requirement of the law and scored the highest number of votes is hereby declared the winner and is returned elected.

States Won

APC 19 | PDP 18

Top leading parties Only

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