[Must Read] Living By a Policy? Food For Thought

Things you should know, as you go on living your day to day life.

Everyone wants to be respected and treated with courtesy. therefore, for you to earn the respect of others and the right treatment you deserved. you should try the following

Establishing a positive attitudes and policies for yourself and living by them will help you a lot.

Therefore, You should be careful of whom you share your matter with, avoid keeping unnecessary street friends. And if you had any create distance between yourselves.

Don’t be too familiar with people, too much familiarity is not healthy,

Laugh when the need be, stop showing your teeth unnecessarily, it’s good to laugh and smile always but it must be categorised you cannot be everyone’s comedian some people get carried away with laugh 😂 even sometimes you can loose your respect. its not every joke of a comedian that is funny at times, so there are times when you should show that your strong face. this will easily tell others that you are no longer in joking mood, everything should have its time.

Be where you are suppose to be at the right timing, avoid African timing, keeping to time and appointment is very crucial, be the man or woman of your words,

Mind your utterances, and be careful of what you say even when you are angry 😡 always have a reserve.

Come in, go out, do your works, do the necessary things, avoid gossiping and unnecessary discussions with people many of us never mind our own business we always interfere in the affairs of others this is totally bad, avoid getting yourself involve in matters that doesn’t concerns you.

Stop being Mr/Mrs know it all and respect your position avoid hypocrisy its not every time you should talk stop being a talk actives, action they says, speak louder than words.

greeting people is an important virtue that some do not have, Trying to be yourself never stop you from greeting people around you. Greet then go your way.

Don’t ask too many questions about others and don’t inquire to know what people gathered together is talking about..

Many of us are always inquisitive about matters that doesn’t concerns us. If you are in this category its time for you to change only attend to matters in which you’re called into. avoid propagating rumors to prevent disrespect.

Be your own best friend, if at all you need friend let it be someone of the same mindset with you, and know the kind of secret you share. making friends and meeting people is very nice In fact it’s one of those things I love to do, what you should have at the back of your mind is the kind of friendship you ought to keep, this will help you to synthesised those that come your way so as to know either you ought to dispose or keep anyone of them,

Always upholding your policy either at home, work, church and anywhere you found yourself do not compromise your policy and be known by it, this is when can earn people’s respect and regards you don’t have to demand for respects, set a policy that will achieve them for you.

Don’t forget, nothing good comes free, you have sacrifices to make too, people will called you names you just have to ignore them in fact they will hate you (na dem sabi.) who care!

If you don’t get hated by some people that means you are not yet doing things aright…….


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