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Love and attitude

Everyone seek and desire good love life and relationships which bring about dreamed marriage, the sense of belonging is very important in every humans life, everyone wants to be relevant to another person.

Nothing come easy everything have its own price and Its own term, its such a pity that most people fail to do the necessary.


When it come to love attitude is very important for anyone who wants to have a smooth relationship with others,

some people loses their opportunity base on their bad attitudes and they begins to attribute their problem to the village people... I pity you.

Have you ever been to church on a faithful day and heard the pastor asking single ladies who seek husband to come fort for prayer, you will be surprised at how ladies will troops out, even the girl you approached to last month that told you she is engage will be among them, the point here is, why do ladies pretend when it comes to hooking up with a guy, even though they crave for it, they simply turned you down, some say its playing hard to get, some say am not cheap, whatever the case may be, go for what your heart wants and stop the pretence it can not help you rather its a bad attitude.



sometimes ago i was having a discussion with someone regarding relationship and i come to the reality of a particular saying which is common with both sex, for instance, when you questioned ladies, they would say they are engaged, but when you question the guys they would be single in their statement, now the question is, who are the ladies engage to?



How does attitude come to play in a relationship!?


Attitude is a very important key and ingredient in any kind of relationship you found yourself either love, mutual, intimacy, or friendship. Your attitude can either add to you or take away from you, its yours identity and the tag everyone can see in you.

Good attitude towards everyone is very important in every humans endeavour, and when it comes to relationship i do have a bigger problem especially with the ladies am not disputing the fact that some men also had attitude that are so awful.


The reason why some ladies have remain singles and they will continue to remain single is due to their attitude, and its high they changed, and what kind of attitude are we talking about here?

 For instance, 

Some ladies are so difficult to approach they always wear frown 🙁 faces,

Someone ladies don’t appreciate greetings, its very difficult for them to greet when they arrive at a place, 

Sometimes ladies don’t like to mixed with people they prefer attending to their phone at the occasion where they are present,

Even when a guy approached someone ladies, instantly they already concluded he wants date so they don’t give attention, in life if you must grow and get to your destination in time you must make friends with everyone, you never can tell who will be in the position to help you tomorrow.


When it comes to finding love, its crazy how things happen, you never can tell where that particular man that is meant for you is, some lady are praying vigorously for the right man, whereas, the right man is there in front of them, they keep staring at him, but in their mind it can never be him, no no, no not this one, is what they keep telling their mind,. Every one have taste of what they wanted and its good to have choice but let not your taste be an already made, let it be a good raw material that you can make a good product out of it,..

For instance as a woman its your dream to live in banana island with your husband and kids in future, whereas, you are currently living at mainland take lkorodu for example and you are always chasing after the banana island guys who are not met for you, you kept praying while the man meant for you is Emeka the guy in your street who kept approaching you and you never grant any audience, you failed to know that when you married him he will still be rich to own a house at banana island, my sister you are in a wrong relationship the banana island guy you met on Facebook is not for you because he’s also looking for banana island babe, in his heart. you are just like an image drawn at the shore of a beach it will soon get wash ways by the tides. Attitude!!! 



Some men had given away their God given future wife all because they lack the right attitude and they can not make the woman stay, at the end of it all we keep saying its the village people, as a man, if you are arrogant, rough, troublesome, easily get angry, uncontrollable anger, selfish, don’t show care, bossy, etc, no woman will accommodate you, you will keep getting them and they will keep leaving you as a result of your bad attitude. Bad attitude is a terminal disease everyone should get rid it,

In this new decade.



Where is the proper place to meet the right person.


Every woman want to meet their man in a place like the gym, eatery, banking hall, work place, shopping mall, worship centre Any woman or man you met at this places is fantastic right?, hmmnn, but that doesn’t guarantee that they are good people or they are met for you its just a probability, but what am saying in Essence is that, some ladies preferred to be approached here than on the street, bus stop, inside BRT bus, markets places, etc, But when it comes to man, any place is a goal, man don’t select where and how they met their woman, i have seen people that met in a public transport bus, hospital, street, even on Facebook getting married and they are living happily, and some of those that met in church could not secure good marriage. (Am being factual here, please i hate hypocrisy.) 



Therefore many opportunities to meet the right people that will connect you might has been wasted as a result of negative behaviour,

Someone lady are too big they cannot even mingle with the guys and even fellow girls in their environment either at church or street, or even place of work, yet they are looking for good relationships and they keep praying to God, please my sister Angel Michael or Gabriel will not come down to marry you, you must make friends with someone that will connect you with someone that will help you, try to mingle with people then your husband will surface. One secret thing about every man Is that they are always attracted to a vibrant lady, a lady who smiles always, a lady that know how to accommodate, a lady with no ego, a lady that is respectful and friendly and kind…


Why some ladies will keep on missing opportunities on the sight of right man. 


The problem with most young ladies is that, when it comes to love probably their first love journey, they loose guard, how? Good! They never remember the word called heartbreak, they hope and believed that this relationship is leading to marriage, they began to see themselves in an imaginary marriage, but they failed to discuss it with their boyfriend or partner to know his mind, some ladies found themselves in a relationship for 3years or more they still don’t know where its heading, no proper direction, they attached themselves to the guy, and as a wife to man that don’t have the interest of marring them, please always have a defined relationship, the point here is your first relationship might yield marriage and it might not, what work for others might not work for you, stop trying to be like others and don’t compare your relationship with others you cannot be like them, you are you. those love you watch on TV and series, hmmnmnm……. its scripted in reality it cannot be that sweet really, every smooth relationship had paid one price or the other in the past, you can only learn from them.


There is something that i called wrong relationship, any relationship you have been to that doesn’t work should not break you it should teach you a lesson, 95%of humans had either been in one wrong relationship or the other before finding the right one at last, if you are not sensitive enough you will keep on falling a victim of wrong relationships, its doesn’t matter how many times you found yourself in a wrong relationship, it means you haven’t learnt the lesson you ought to have learnt that will prepare you for rightful one..


Heartbreak is one thing that everyone pray not to be a victim, i bet you its rare not to have a heartbreak, you just have to manage it and what you do next will either help you or kills you more.

Heartbreak is a common event in relationships but not everyone can handle it, it has sent some people to their earlier grave, and it has made some given up on love.



Attitude! attitude!! attitude!!! Some people develop the attitude of hate towards men or opposite sex because their last boyfriend or partner messed up, so they don’t want to see man or the opposite sex at all, they can’t stand them, in like manner they begins to influence others negatively telling them that men or the opposite are not good, you are better off alone they say, their campaign get young people influenced because they are wrongly informed. Even though the relationships failed as a result of their bad attitude they would not admit it.


In life there are two main categories of Enemy

1- you enemy (enemy within) 

2- outside enemy (others enemy)

These are the two major enemy your attitude can be your enemy or your best friend, same as others, when you are conceived negative attitude and you practically do them, you are your own enemy, and enemy within is very difficult to fight, because you don’t easily recognise them, even when it’s pointed out to you, you still don’t accept, so it the enemy within that will open door for the outside enemies to come in.


Having the rightful attitude towards yourself and others will help your love life, and you will be able to secure a good relationship that fits you…

Hope you finds that relationship that works. 


© ✍️Dammexalynn

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