[Must Read] How Snails Can Be Dangerous Form Of Skincare

Snails have actually came a long way to be one of the most common animals you can find just anywhere, behind your house, in front or even on the street. Earlier than now, it was predominantly found in the rural areas of Kenya and Tanzania. It’s high adaptive rate is a bonus to it as it can currently be found in far away cold regions like the USA and Canada. It is to note that a snail can actually survive without food for as long as 90 days, that is, three months or even more than that. This is because of their ability to form a cist whenever they can’t find food around. This cist shelters them from unfavourable weather conditions as well as surprisingly enough, from dying of hunger.

They feed on a variety of things ranging from vegetables to even the waste products of poultry birds.

How harmful it is:

It is good to note that the slime substances produced by African giant snails when they move, possess some kind of nematode. This is a parasite known as rat-lungworm. Uncooked snails therefore can be very harmful to you. As they feed on various vegetables, traces of those slimy substances maybe left on them and if these vegetables were to be taken by man without proper washing or cooking, the parasite would inevitably be introduced to the body. This might lead to severe headache, numbness and in adverse conditions coma, and possibly death.

The USA have tried their best to eradicate snails from their environment, but totally getting rid of it seems to be a headache to them. This is because snails are something called hermaphrodite. Hermaphrodites are animals that posses both male and female qualities, and as such can give birth without having sexual intercourse. Their multiplication is therefore, a little bit difficult to curtail.

Worst is that snails are now recommended by beauty specialists to help remove acne and pimples. This should be noted as risky, because should the slime find it’s way into the person’s body, maybe through the nose or other openings, he/she stands a chance of being a victim of the adverse effect of rat lungworm.

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