N-Power: 100 Past Questions And Answers You Can Begin To Study Ahead For The Recruitment Process

For the purpose of this post, we provide you real time exam questions from past sets and it is worthy to mention that questions are always heavily repeated in most of the sets.

Test Quiz:

1. Which is the smallest fraction among the following?

a. 3/4;

b. 6/7

c. 1/2

d. 6/5

2. How did you do in the test? Not so well. I ______ much better but I misread the directions for writing.

a. Will have done

b. Can have done

c. Must have done

d. May have done

e. Could have done

3. The Capital of Lagos State is_____

a. Bariga

b. Isale-Eko

c. Eko

d. Ikeja

e. Ikorodu

4. If the day tomorrow is Sunday, what was it yesterday?

a. Monday

b. Tuesday

c. Friday

d. Saturday.

5. Amaka was the cynosure of all eyes at the party. This means that _________

a. She attracted everybody’s attention

b. Everybody was surprised that she attended the part

c. None of the options

d. Everybody looked down at her

e. She was notorious for her behaviour

6. Who is the current Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria

Select one:

a. Alhaji Mai Borno

b. Sanusi Lamido Sanusi

c. Godwin Emefiele

d. Adamu Chiroma

e. Charles Soludo.

7. In words number 14 can be written as _________

a. Forteen.

b. Fourteen.

c. Fortin.

d. Fourtin.

8. [Choose the one that is most nearly opposite in meaning to the uppercase word.]

Few people prefer the RURAL to the ______ areas.

a. Urban

b. Modern

c. Pastoral

d. Central

e. Rustic

9. A piece of land completely surrounded by water is known as_________

a. A platform

b. A lagoon

c. A lake

d. An island

e. None of the options.

10. Bose shouldn’t have interrupted the teacher, _________?

Select one:

a. Could she

b. Didn’t she

c. Should she

d. Did she

e. Can she.

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