N-Power: How To Check Your Application Status After Registration


As N-Power scheme registration counts hit nearly four million, many applicants have been so nervous to hear from the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management about N-Power shortlist.

However, while waiting for the official shortlisting of successful candidates who have met the minimum requirements of the scheme, applicants can still make use of the N-Power portal to check on daily basis if he/she has been Pre-selected. This will help in facilitating the application follow-up in order not to miss any update about Pre-selection since many applicants might have issue with their e-mailing.

What do you need to be doing this?

You need not much thing to be doing this cross-check at your convenience. You need just the Bank Verification Number (BVN) you used while filling your application.

How do you do it?

1. Visit the N-Power official website at www.npower.gov.ng

2. Click on the menu indicator

3. Click on N-Power Pre-selection after which a page will pop up, asking you to input your BVN

4. Input your Bank Verification Number and click on check status

Wait for a while as you expect your Pre-selection status.

Please, always remember not to disclose your BVN to anyone. Although your BVN is not enough for anyone to get money out of your account, but please, be safe.

And avoid displaying your application ID on social media like some people do. That ID is unique to you, and so must be kept to yourself. Avoid flaunting it on social media. Don’t be carried away with the joy of you successfully completing your application.



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