[Night Story]The Hijab Angels – Episode Two


Years later, Temilade grew up to become a famous lawyer. Temitayo was in his final year at the University when he met Evelyna a decent beautiful lady in her early 20s in the campus. He has admired Evelyna a lot from the first day they met at a birthday party and since then he has been disturbing her. Evelyna always turn him down becauses he wasn’t in for such romantic stuff. She belonged to the most famous cult in the school(ThePeppers), which were being sponsored by her mother(MadamPepper).
This made Evelyna to be a very rude and strict lady, she was fearless and she was always respected by her fellow cult member because of her mean nature and also the daughter of the cult leader. Madam pepper happened to be the woman that took care of her since they carried her from her real mother when she was little but her real mother’s corpse but Evelyna didn’t have the idea that Madam Pepper wasn’t her biological mother.

Temitayo didn’t stop pressing further, He is always following and asking Evelyna out but in turn the Later they became good friends.


Of the second most popular cult members on school campus ‘The hijab Angels’ was Cynthia, young beautiful lady with kind heart in her early 20s. She was always on hijab due to the rules of her cult group. Whenever people see Evelyna they always mistook
her for Cynthia because they so much look alike even while the other Cynthia is always wearing Hijab. Cynthia was the girl that the Tigers carried instead of their bag of money long time ago, with with
the aim of training her till when she grows up to work for their loss of money. She
wasn’t aware of this until she met Temitayo who has been following her for a while on campus and the confronted her to ask if she know about her background. He
told her he knew someone that has thesame face and body structure as hers, although Cynthia
was surprised to hear that but she dismissed Temitayo’s claim and warned him never to come to her again

The story continues in the next episode. Missed previous episode? Read here

The story is available for sale after its production, to purchase contact the writter below 👇 👇

Written and compiled By Omotosho Taiwo Evelyn 08038336885



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