Nigerian writer 10-year-old Releases Inspirational Book To Help Young Ones Pursue Their Dreams (photos)

Obonganwan Itam Okpo, a smart Nigerian girl, has made a mark for herself after publishing a 36-page book at 10 years old.

Okpo, who is Santa Maria International Nursery and Primary School’s primary 5 grad, shared an insight into her new novel, ‘Life Is A Journey.’

The book sheds light on important life issues as we travel through to reach our various goals in life, she says.

“It is made up of 15 chapters which are: Chapter 1- First Steps To Take For Your Journey, Chapter 2- Passing Through Struggles of Life, Chapter 3- Avoiding Problems Stopping You from completing Your Journey, Chapter 4- Helping Others to Start Their Journey, Chapter 5- Seeing The Wonderful Experiences in Life, Chapter 6- The Frustrations and Disappointments in Life, Chapter 7- Controlling The Love of Money in Your Journey, Chapter 8- Making Decisions in Life, Chapter 9- Setting The Proper Goals in Life, Chapter 10- Overcoming Temptations in Life, Chapter 11- Applying Wisdom, Chapter 12- Being Disciplined in Life, Chapter 13- Being Well Focused in Life, Chapter 14- Being Grateful in Life and Chapter 15- Conclusion.” Okpo stated.
The book is solely Obonganwan’s work and is very encouraging for both parents and children to develop more faith and put to good use their God’s given abilities.
Okpo’s book reminds all to believe more in our children and not despise their wisdom because it is surprising that such a little girl can understand so much about life in her few years of existence on earth.
The book is sold for N500 per copy; you can call 08034431334 to book for your copies.

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