[Night Story] The Hijab Angels – Episode 04

Episode 04

Evelyna being a strict and furious person couldn’t control her anger pulled out a gun. She threatened to wipe off the whole peppers if madam pepper will not tell her the truth. Suddenly, one of Madam pepper’s boys stormed in the house, tried to collect the gun from her, she became so wild and shot the and guy in the head,
she then shot another person who heard gun shots and rushed in almost immediately, she pointed the gun at Madam pepper and threatened to shoot her too if she won’t start talking. Neighbors that heard the gun
shots got scared to go to the house and rather informed the policemen. At this point, Madam pepper was afraid that Evelyna could
shoot her at, she then told her about her mom, she explained how they collected thei rmoney from her
mother and killed her but carried her because she was helpless. By the time madam pepper was
done explaining, policemen have surrounded the house and they were all arrested. Evelyna was glad she found out the truth but was sad that she would not have the
opportunity to be with her real family. She was sure Temitayo would come to see her in the cell and she waited eagerly so that she would tell Temitayo about what she discovered.

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Not long after, Temitayo showed up as expected which gave her the chance to explain what she had unriddled to her brother, Temitayo told her he already knew she’s her sister because she has the same age details with Cynthia aside the same look they both share but he wanted her to find out by herself the same way Cynthia did. Evelyna couldn’t control her tears, she wept bitterly remembering how madam pepper had spoiled her life and how it was too late before her eyes could open to reality. She begged Temitayo to bring her twin sister to meet her so they could meet before she would be taken to court. Temitayo did as promised and brought Cynthia, nobody could tell whether the trio’s tears were of joy or of sorrow when the finally met. At this point Temitayo called their big sister who had promised to visit them but was delayed because of a case she had to handle being a lawyer. When she heard about the discovery she was so excited and was shocked to hear that one of the sisters was about to be jailed. A call came in after she dropped Temitayo’s call, where…….

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Written by Omotosho Taiwo Evelyn, 08038336885


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