[Night Story] The Hijab Angels – Episode Five

On the phone she was told that she had another case to handle for the government. She was of course a famous lawyer and had never lost a case before. She asked Temitayo what the nature of their sister’s offense was and discovered that it was Evelyna, her new found sister that she’ll
be talking against in court. This put her in a dilemma that she couldn’t find any solution on her own because the day was already at hand. She tried to see Evelyna’s face to face before the day but to her horror she discovered that Evelyna was the one that killed her husband. In time past, Her husband was once a cultist when he was in school and has killed a lot of people, but when he wanted to leave the cult, Evelyna was assigned to kill him. What Temilade could only do was to leave immediately and wait for the day they’ll be going to court, she wasn’t sure of what she’ll do because the count of charges levied against her sister couldn’t make her think of anything.

The four siblings at this moment were all in troubles: Evelyna in the cell with madam Pepper about to take their judgment
Cynthia feeling worried that she’s being traced by her cult members about to be killed Temilade in a confused state of
mind not knowing what to do
Temitayo lost in thought not sure of what was happening.

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Written and compiled By Omotosho Taiwo Evelyn 08038336885


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