[Night Story]The Hijab Angels – Episode One


There was a very poor woman who had lost her husband to the cold hands of death right after she discovered she was pregnant. She later gave birth to a set of twins both females making four of her children. Her first child, Temilade a ten year old girl,her second child Temitayo, a seven year old boy and then a set of twins. The suffering was too much which made the woman gave out her boy to a rich couple in need of a child for them to take care of him as their own child.

As at that time there were two different gangs, the first were named THE TIGERS and the second THE PEPPERS. This two gangs had made separate plans to rob on the same day, targeting the same man but didn’t know they are both on the same track. On the day of the attack, the tigers set out to rob the man collecting his money and other valuables, they quickly left the place but on their way, they noticed they were being followed by a team of police officers. They had to stop their car, ran into an uncompleted building and dropped off the money with the hope of coming back to pick it later, then took another route to escape. The policemen went on their own way because it was actually another people they were tracing. But fortunately this poor woman went inside that building at that time to ease herself while passing by the location.


She saw the bag containing stacks of Naira notes, took it but wasn’t able to carry it with her twins, and wasn’t ready to lose the money, she foolishly dropped one of her girls, carried the money with her other child and ran away hoping to come back for her child before the owners of the money comes back for it. While she was running home, she was confronted by the peppers gang who had been tracing the other gang’s movement since the left the uncompleted building and they collected the money from this poor woman there after shot her in the head. One of the Peppers took pity of the little child in her hand crying helplessly on the ground then spared her life but took one of the twins with them.  When two of The Tigers went back to the uncompleted building to carry the money they dropped there, they were surprised to find a baby there instead of their money. Furiously, one of them wanted to shoot the baby but the other one stopped him and asked them to take the baby with them, imposing that instead of wasting her life she’ll grow up under their tutor to work for the money
they’ve lost.

When Temilade noticed her mom was taking much time outside, she set out to look for her but shortly after, she found her mom lying down dead by the road surrounded by crowd of people, she cried, shouted and rolled on the floor, she tried to search for her sisters but could not. Then she went to the house where her brother was taken to, she told them about what has happened, they felt sorry for her, helped her to bury her mom and promised to take care of
her also. Since then she has vowed with her brother to look for her lost sisters.

Story continues in the next episode

Written and compiled By Omotosho Taiwo Evelyn 08038336885


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