PICK ONE! As A Nigerian Which Of This Statement Would Make You Happy Right Now

Obviously at a point in time, a Nigerian if asked about a particular situation occurring in his/her country would want to take away something to make the situation proper.

And thats what have brought us to today’s gist topic which we will discuss and analyze somethings which is either adding to Nigerian growth or taking away from it.

Which of these statements will make you happy right now?

  1. Buhari resigns
  2. 24hrs electricity
  3. University is now FREE
  4. iPhoneXS Max is now N10,000
  5. N1million cash
  6. Take this Visa and leave the country

NB: Please also tell why you’re picking that choice, You can only pick one!

Let’s see who gets the best decision or maybe your helper may be in the comment section ✌


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