“Please Girls, Be Safe Out There” Lady Warns As She shared Her Awful Story


“Please Girls, Be Safe Out There” Lady Warns As She shared Her Awful Story


Lady shares her heart touching story as she was attacked in her way and no one could come to her aid. She therefore warn ladies to be extra careful when they’re going out as the community is getting more dangerous.

Read her full story below:

” Good morning guys, so I experienced something two days ago and I’ve been contemplating if I should tweet or not, decided to tweet. Two days ago, 6:20am to be precise I left my house, dressed very casual, my hair net was still on, I wanted to return my friend’s key.I got to the junction and boarded a keke, I was the only girl in the keke, we drove like two minutes and one man sitting by my left stopped the driver and decided to come down, the next thing he said sent chills all over my body, in his words he said…”if you tell me the truth I won’t harm you, but if u lie I’ll deal with u” I thought he was on the phone, he looked at me and said “which man house u dey come from?” I don’t know this man from anywhere, I told him I’m coming from my house, I was like let me answer answer this one and let him go, next thing I saw he brought out a knife, he was with a walking staff, he drew the knife from the staff, and asked the same question, I wanted to react and ask him what his problem was cos mind you this was happening in my community. But something told me to play a fool cos before I can raise any alarm this man would have done what he wanted and would escape, so I kept telling him I’m coming from my house and I’m going to drop the key I was holding at me friend’s. He didn’t believe me and before I could say another word he struck my hand with the knife and injured me a little, meanwhile three men were watching all this in the keke and did nor say nothing. So I told him if I should call someone at home to confirm and he said yes, so I called my kid sister, And he collected the phone and asked if I just left the house and my sister said yes, that’s when he gave me my phone and asked where I’m from I told him, funny enough he’s an ikwerrian like me, he was surprised and started speaking our dialect and apologized to me And he crossed the road and left, I was speechless, my heart was pounding so fast, I started to thank God for my life. This is Nigeria, women ain’t safe, women ain’t protected, anybody can harm u and get away with it, the three men in the keke never tried to stop Him, instead when he left they were asking if I knew him, I was too shaken to answer them, if I had tried to be stubborn he would have hurt me bad maybe I’d be at the hospital by now but my God intervened. I don’t know if it’s because of the coming election or Or that’s what he do, but girls should be careful, and to think that my friend lost his key and I had a spare, my thought was let me run to give him the key and come home to prepare for work, that’s how my life would have ended just like that. People go about Looking for who to hurt, they have no aim, no ambition in life. Please guys share, u might save a life out there, when you’re in a situation like this, u pray u never be, pls don’t try to be stubborn because before help comes u might be dead, this happened at Rukpokwu, that’s my community, I’ve never experienced such and I pray no one should, it might sound easy but for 40mins this was going on and nobody did nothing, it wasn’t really bright but the men there did nothing, men pls learn to protect women, it’s surprising That no one out of the three men came to defend me, they all sat and looked, this country is crazy, something should be done for the protection of women, so we can move around safe. Throughout that day at work I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Please girls, be safe out there, and be prayerful or believe in God, I’m not the prayer type, I pray once in a while but I strongly believe in God, but somehow God preserved my life. Have a nice day fam”.

We hope you have learnt on or two from this story, please do more by sharing to others and let someone get to learn from this too

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