Prepare Homemade Yoghurt In Less Than 20 Minutes


It is so easy to make yogurt in the comfort of your home. You will also be sure of what is in your yogurt because you will be familiar with all the ingredients. It is not rocket science and preparing it is actually easy.


Whole milk or just regular milk from a trusted source, sugar and milk powder (optional)


Boil milk to kill micro bacteria then add milk powder. Mix till it forms a uniform mixture then set it aside to cool. Sieve your milk, you can use a carrier bag but make sure it is clean. Sieving you hurt will produce yogurt with a smooth consistency. Wait till your milk cools before adding plain yogurt, otherwise, you will kill the bacteria necessary to produce yogurt.

The best temperature to add plain yogurt is blood temperature. Scoop milk with a spoon then pour it on the back of your arm. The milk should not burn your skin, but rather it should feel like it’s not there. Meaning that it is the same temperature with blood temperature. This is the optimum temperature for growth of yogurt making bacteria

Add 3 spoonfuls of plain yogurt to the cooling milk then whisk properly. Transfer the mixture into jars with lids. To incubate, wrap a towel around the jars and place it somewhere warm for 3 days. After 3 days ladies and gentlemen, you will have your yogurt.

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