[READ] 10 Ways You Can Use OTG On Your Android

Most smartphones support OTG technology, although many users are unaware of it. The OTG allows you to connect any USB device to your smartphone, much like a computer. The OTG has great potential, here are 10 ways to exploit it.

1. Keyboard and mouse
It sounds like witchcraft, but it’s possible. Just use a USB dongle to connect with your keyboard and mouse, then you can use your device as if it were a simple computer. If you want to write a lot, this can save the day.

2. Sound card
For one reason or another, you may want to use a sound card other than the one that is integrated. You can find a portable one, connect it to your smartphone with an OTG cable and then connect your audio equipment to the sound card gadget through the jack.

3. Gamepad
The touch screen is not always extremely accurate, and this can be a problem on some games. If you are a gamer, you will be delighted to learn that you can connect a controller to your smartphone. Many games on Android allow the use of a gamepad, I think especially GTA3 or Modern Combat.

4. Ethernet connection
If for some reason you have no wireless connection near you, maybe the only possible solution is to use the Ethernet cable that you usually plug into your computer. Fortunately, you can use the OTG to use it on your smartphone. You will need two devices: an OTG cable and a USB-Ethernet adapter. You will then only have to connect it.

5. Printing files
With Google Cloud Print, you can print easily without using a cable. Unfortunately, some configuration problems sometimes prevent you from achieving your goals. Rest assured, you can speed up this process by connecting your smartphone directly to the printer with the OTG cable.

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6. Reloading (and transferring data) from another smartphone
Imagine that your smartphone is running out of battery and you have another smartphone or tablet on hand. You can use the energy from one of the other two devices to charge the smartphone. Just use the OTG cable to connect your smartphone to the charging cable (USB side), then connect the other end of the charger to the smartphone to be charged. You can also use this method to transfer images or use the camera as an external memory.

7. Camera
With an app on Google Play and an OTG cable, you can control a digital SLR camera. Just install the app and then connect the camera to your smartphone, you can then take pictures with.

8. Synthesizers and microphones
This will please our music players. If you use the Walk Band app, you can record music on your smartphone. In addition, the application allows to connect synthesizers and external microphones.

9. LED light
Many stores can find lamps in USB port. Whether it’s a simple LED or a real torch, you can also connect them to your smartphone with an OTG adapter. If you want to do a night selfie, it might be useful.

10. A whole slew of other uses
The classic USB 2.0 allows a 5 volts output. Many gadgets can work with this voltage and, in principle, with the OTG. Be careful though because most are computer-friendly, they can destroy your battery quite quickly.

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