Recipes To Having A Successful Love, Relationship And Marriage (Part 2)

In our previous publication we discuss about this fantastic topic which is very essential, if your relationship and marriage Must succeed you need to add this recipe s into them.
I’m delighted to say today we shall be discussing about some other recipes which must be added to our relationship and marriage…

Seek The Good In Your Partner.

In a relationship you don’t have to be narcissist, in fact this really ruin everything and make your partner looks like they don’t deserve to be with you because their feelings and thoughts were never of concerned to you, it make them feel unworthy and some feels like true love never really exist, because they were never a priority to their partner. Thus they never get back the affections they have shown.

No one is perfect you must always have this at the back of your mind, stop dreaming about getting a picture perfect partner, you can’t get a total perfect person, but you can build a total picture perfect relationship and marriage it require your hardworking and commitment too.
therefore, you must accept your partner the way they are, and help them grow to a better person you really want, they needed your support to become a better lover.
Sometimes we ask ourselves the question how can I be a better lover to my partner or how can I make my partner love me the way I wanted?, often times we don’t get the right answers to this question, so we begins to waiver in our thoughts. the answer is very simple, all you have to do is, get them involve in your daily life and be involve in theirs too, when this happen you establish great connections and good communication, where you both see yourselves as best friends..

To bring the best out of your partner, you must also be their best friend, Because human instinct hope and trust in friendship.
How close are you with your partner? Can you honestly say they are your best friends!!, and what percentage of you do they have?.

Identify what you love about them and always tell it to them, it makes them feel loved and appreciated,
Encourage them, tell them they are not a failure even when they fail, call they nice pet names, send them love texts,
Help them to executes the task ahead, always motivate them to do the right things.
When you do all these things, you will soon realise that they can’t do without you, they make decisions seeking your advice etc simply because you have become indispensable treasure in their life.


Comparison is one of the deadliest weapon that ruin relationship and marriage easily.
Don’t ever compare your relationship or marriage with the one you watch on the television or movies because they are scripted , someone wrote the scripts, also don’t compare your relationship or marriage with a that of your neighbours or friends or anyone out there.
you never can can tell, and not every relationship that seems perfect to us is truly perfect indeed,
And if its truly perfect some hard work has been done, some sacrifice has also been made, while some prized has been paid it did not just happen.
when comparison came into any relationship its can ruin the relationship, because you put your partner under pressures greater than their ability, sooner or later they lost interest because they felt they cannot satisfy you or love you enough, they felt that their love were not appreciated and they get discourage and give up.

If you want your relationship and marriage to be perfect just like that one you really admire out there! then you’ve got to work for it.

Looking for a perfect relationships and marriage is like desiring to wear clean, beat and well – ironed clothes, but you fail to do your Laundry, the clothes will not wash and iron itself!, if want it make it happen.

Stop looking for the the already- made relationship and marriage they aren’t out there, start building your own imperfect relationship to make it perfect one now it’s never too late.

            Be A Good Listener

Communication in any relationship and marriage is very crucial, as well as feed back. a relationship doesn’t have to be a one person affairs stereotype in approach, rather it has be enjoyed and communication must flows between you two.
Being a good listener is important, it strengthened relationships and marriage, if you must earn the love of your partner, they must be assured that you are there whenever they wants to talk, and of course you should listen to them even when they offended you, you should listen to them and hear them out before taking any action..
Many a time people make mistakes of not giving their listening ears and they end up blaming themselves for it.
Therefore in any relationship or marriage always listen to what your partner have to say, stop making and executing decision on your own self alone. Because, two they say is better than one, no matter how ridiculous or foolish you think your partner’s ideas, opinions or thoughts may seems, you should at least listen first, for there is always sense in nonsense.

Avoid Distraction

In every endeavour of humans there is always one form of distraction or the other so the ability to pay no attention to it is what make one stand out.
Being in a relationship and marriage is not a joke its an everlasting business which you are both the CEO and the staff.. (employer and the employee).

therefore the success of your relationship and marriage is now depending on how much attention you pay to distraction out there.
Are you the type that listen and accept what anybody say to you about your partner? Without even investigating it?, did you lack the ability to keep your mouth shut?, or are you the one who doesn’t even know the different between false and the truth, or are you the type that always back up your partner no matter what, even if they are guilty?.
Whatever the case may be, when you love someone love not in your words alone but in your action and gesture, you should always stand up for them, defend them never loose your grip of trust base on what you don’t see or are been told by another person.
If you want your relationship and marriage to be successful you must learnt how to be deaf to gossip and blind to distraction..
Don’t ever allow anyone to gossip your partner with you, because if you do, you will soon been listening to their say and opinion in your relationship.
Never allow any one to dictate to you how to run your relationship for you, you can listen to their counsel and advice then decide the one that is right enough to follow.
Distraction comes in many forms one of the best way of getting over it, is for you to know that you want in a relationship, know your partner well enough, what they are capable of doing and vice versa.

Hope you have been inspired.
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