Recipes To Having A Successful Love, Relationship And Marriage


Successful relationships and marriage happen when both parties are committed to creating a positive, nurturing, successful relationship that leads to a marriage where both spouses are happy, valued each other , and validated as well as having the right attitude towards the growth of the relationships.
Below are some of the recipes you needed to have your relationship and marriage succeeded.

Attitude is very important in any relationship you are into with anyone, a good looking person with bad attitude or character will always get it wrong.
You need the have the right attitude towards your relationship you have to make it work, some people have gotten the right relationship but their character and the attitude they showed towards the relationships has really ruined the relationship. As its said that, love is doing to others what you expect them to do to you. To mention a few out of the attitude you should do away with if your relationship must grow and be successful,
Nagging , Reference to the past mistakes, complaints, Anger , are you the type that loose control whenever you are angry?, some like breaking stuffs etc. Whatever the case maybe you should learn how to control your temper because if you don’t it will ruin your relationship when your partner feels like they’ve had enough already…


human, it’s impossible not to be offended and vice versa. Therefore, as you expect forgiveness from your partner you should also learn how to forgive them too, that’s just the trend of how life goes.
In any relationship forgiveness and letting go is very important it create avenue for more love and commitment.
But when one fail to forgive and let go of a mistake of their partner is creating gap between them, at this juncture they don’t know what’s their partner mind about them anymore. Forgiveness is one thing and letting go is another, if you say I have forgiven you, but I can’t forget, it means that you will still make references to such mistake in future and this make your partner loose their confidence and loving strength already possessed. For your relationship to be successful you must let go when you forgive it really go a long way in enhancing the success of your relationship and marriage…

Its necessary for you to have time for your partner out of your busy schedule you just have create time for them.
So many relationships has been ruined due to lack of time for teach other, when you give someone your time and such person never do the same in return you will soon get tired and discourage and vice versa.
For your relationship and marriage to be successful you have to involve them in your daily schedule and reciprocate the time given to you back to your partner, this really make them feel loved and with this they will be committed to you, you don’t have to be narcissist, if its given to you then do the same.
It’s quite right that you are busy and you always have busy day, you can still text, send voice note, etc within your busy day, just as its necessary for you make use of the rest room when the need arises, so you can as well text or send voice note to your partner. It doesn’t take more than 5 minutes, and I believed that you can always afford this time, but when you don’t consider your partner missing you or needed to hear from you, you became absent minded, thus they are neglected, they never get involve in your daily routine and when they try telling you, you kept giving reasons and excuses which is not what you really needs, you’ve to make them feel loved and Committed to you, by providing the time required by your relationships and marriage. if you have not been giving it before , or you have stopped for whatever reason it’s high time you start giving it now, for its needed for your relationship and marriage to succeed.

Those little things
Just as you wants to be happy, in same manner your partner want to be happy, having you being the reason behind their happiness.
Those little things that you know its make them happy really count, and go a long way to strengthened your relationships, and also they spiced up the love too so never stop doing them, they include gratitude, play time, pet names, attentions text, chat, voice note, dancing, singing etc, keep doing them for they are helping you two to remain connected, the moment you think they are no longer relevant that is when something begins to go wrong in your relationship because the grip is loosen already.
Having a successful relationship is not by accident or Coincident its required your commitment and determination to make it work.
At first it might be rough but don’t give up for success is near..

Hope you are inspired…
In our next publication we shall be discussing about 6 more Recipes to having a successful relationship and marriage.



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