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If you must succeed you ought to add up, you cannot remain alone something has to be done for you to attain that success level you wanted, success is not an option, you just have to get it because if you failed , it will affect your coming generation

Lets take a look at 5W of success these are the 5 questions you should ask yourself and you should sincerely a concrete answer to this questions. if you are convince by your answers then it will be easy for to attain success.

  •  1. What is success?.

ln volume one of this magazine, it is said that success can be view in many ways depending on the perspective of each Individual, in general, success is said to be a progressive realisation of wealthy goals, therefore, you’ve got to think about it thoroughly, you must think about success in a wide range, think out of the box never think within the box because if you think within the box all your ideas will remain in the box, think out of your environment don’t let the situation and circumstances surrounding your environment affect your thinking, let your thinking faculty be beyond your physical environment. So when you have an idea, think over it, synthesised your ideas and then draw a reasonable conclusion.

  •  2. why?

Everyone wants to be successful but it’s such a pity that some people don’t know why they really wanted success, don’t be a follow follow have your own reason for chasing after success, this is what will propel your energy and activate your focus, also stop chasing after other people’s dreams, you can never be like them the dream is theirs they have more understanding of it than you, you cannot afford to fail because others depends on your success before they can rise up in life, so if you fail the chain is broken what happen to those lives depends on you? Spiritually, physically, mentally, and scientifically your life is attached to someone to be balance either you like it or not. So you cannot remain as one and expect to be two, if you die poor a lot of people will also die poor because you fail to touch their lives. therefore you must have a why!

  •  3. When will it occur?

Many people fail on the road to success, they gave up easily because they lost the sight of when will success happen, they fail to draw the conclusion on the answer to the question of when will it occur?, so they anticipated for a while when it never show up they got discourage, the truth of the matter is that you must have the sight of success, let your eyes 👀 project into a successful future because if you cannot see it you cannot be it, from that very moment you set on that road of success start believing in yourself as a successful person,

When will it occur? It is now!!!

  •  4. Where?

You must have a concrete area in which you want success. Many people could not be specific in which way to go, they begins keep their hand and mind in so many things thus they could not concentrate on a particular area. they fail to follow one way to success, it is said that never keep all your eggs 🥚 in one basket,

This is what happens if you keep your eggs 🥚 in three baskets, you will not know which one to monitor because your mind is in three places at the same time. Thus you will not be able monitor or focus on it.

Check this out, if the eggs in the first basket got spoil, you have the mind that you still have two baskets left, the same will happen again to the second basket, you will still have the mind that you have one more basket left, before you know it, the third basket will also get spoil, because you could not monitor it.

But if you keep all your eggs 🥚 in one basket you will monitor it closely and watch over it because your attention will be on it. Thus you won’t loose the eggs because your attend is on one place…(Food for thought).Focus on one course

  •  5. Who? 

Your life is attached to someone for you to be successful. Therefore you must know who to follow on your road to success. Remember that the companion of fools do things foolishly and they end up perishing.

So if you want to to be steady and stay focus on your road to success you have to walk and follow those who will pull you up and inspire you to be successful, work and walk with people who can manage , relate , inspired, motivate and transform your life.

“`Hope you are inspired!.“`


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