[Must Read] Road To Success (Volume 3)



As earlier discussed, its very important to follow one way until success, am sure by now we can fixed our mind on which way we wants to follow, and we can fully know the *5w* associated with success, therefore we must also know that there are several other thing we must do to get to our destination in this regard, we shall be discussing about *three C* associates with success.
1.                  C —>continuity
2.                   C—>concentration
3.                   C—> conglomerate.

1.    Continuity
Success is a journey rather than what we think of it as destination, the trends must continue to flow in its cycle, but often times people takes success to be like a circle starting from a pint and ending at destination, success revolve in cycle trends it does not have a destination but we can point out a check point in it, as to what extent achievement is measured, therefore at any level in which achievement is measure on road to success, never see yourself to have attained the highest level of success, you must ensure that you continue walking in that road, never allows
Challenges to drag you back, its true you must face difficult time it’s part of your training and you cannot afford to let it break you, never give in to failure..
The man who was regarded as the person who invented telephone wasn’t the person who built it from the scratch, the person who built it literally completed the job but something went wrong, which is sound, there was no sound so he gave up, then another man came and begins to examined it, till he discovered that one screw was not properly in place, he adjusted it which bring about the successful completed of the job, and he was known and regarded as the man who invented telephone. therefore keep on trying because eventually you will achieve success remember no pain no gain to be successful there is a price you must pay.

2.   concentration
Concentrate on the goal no matter what, stick to the plan and also be flexible, your goal must be placed at high priority of importance.
It’s easy to get discourage, compromise and give up, but I put it to you that, you should stayed focused and be persistence because you have a bigger aspiration.
Therefore, you must give it all your optimum contraction, aspire higher and shun to negative mindset, don’t let your attention be shifted a bit when you are on the road to success, the road is definitely going to be rough that’s why you must have a principles of your own which will guide you to stay concentrated, because the road is rough you will have to kick your leg against stones, no matter how many times this happened, never try looking for that stone that obstruct your movement because if you do, time is wasted therefore you have have to ignore it because its part of the sacrifice you have to pay in getting there. Many of us waste lots of time on matters that we can easy forget instead we want to spell out our point which fetches us nothing in return. so learn how to let go some things to avoid your attention being divided because your attention is highly required so that you don’t miss a thing.

3.    Conglomerate
After giving it all your time, concentration and your continuity it’s not enough if you don’t conglomerate. It’s like going to bed at night leaving every doors 🚪in your house widely open, not only that you will might be robbed, but there are other dangers you are expose to, such as a visit by unwanted dangerous creatures, because you have failed to safe guard yourself by leaving your doors open.
You must build a wall of defence that will withstand any coming opposition force.
Stay energised, never allow emotions to weight you down, walk with people that will drive you towards achieving your goals those that share your dreams and believes and stay exited always.
Excitement is a force That draw you closer to your dreams each day making yourself happy is very cheap and you can afford it with no cost, only you can make yourself happy the way you really want. lets your teams be the source of your happiness, never draw your happiness from people no matter how close they are to you, they are human and they can make mistakes, one mistake from them can ruin your journey on the road to success.. At this juncture you must know your energy level never over load yourself for it can break you down and get you totally bounce out of the way. One step at a time is the best method to ascend the latter of success… Be strong and believe in yourself and prepared ahead of the day of challenges because challenges are inevitable if you must achieve success. How prepare you?
It’s time you start building your wall of defense now.

“`Hope you are been inspired

✍️© *Dammexalynn*

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