[Must Read] Road To Success Volume Four Week 4



There are several keys that are necessary for you to have, these keys are basic principles associated with success.
therefore, anyone who is successful must have either heed these principles, its necessary for everyone to have principles that govern their lives and activities, often times people fails because they either refuse to follow a principle in return they lost their foresight of success, whenever an individual lost the foresight of success they easily give up because their present situation will over-weight them.
Therefore we shall be discussing the word MAD.

MAD simply means
M- – – motivated*

*A. – – – Activated*
*D. – – – Directed* .

*MOTIVATION* is an action which moves or influences the mind, or operates on the passions; that which incites, or has a tendency to incite, to determination or action; that which prompts to good or otherwise. For instance the love of something, and the desire of something , are two powerful incentives action to motivation.
Therefore, you’ve got to be motivated by your dreams and desire to be successful in life when you do this you found yourself at the top of your game having everything working in your favour, its works like miracle, some will be left wondering how did he do it?, but they failed to know that motivation is the force driving you at a high speed on your road to success.
Anyone who lack motivation will not make it even if he found himself on a wide and smooth road to success because they never see the opportunity ahead of them even when it present itself they still never recognise it.
But a man motivated by his dreams and aspiration will find it easy climbing the ladder of success because they have something they are working towards achieving, this made them do the abnormals. You need to do things the way others could never imagine.
Be motivated and let your dreams drive you into action

To activate means to set up and placed on active assignment, always remember your goal and the assignment at hand which got you motivated in the first place and then get yourself activated, start working on it immediately be active about yourself and stop being passive with whatever you are doing, start working on your vision immediately stop procrastinating, it will only set you backward and keep you a step away from your dreams daily.
Most time we really wants to take our own time before we move ahead we feel like relaxing, never wait for conveniences or leisure hour before taking the necessary step. Success come to those who actively involve themselves in doing what needs to be done even when it’s not convenience.

in what direction did you channel your attention?, which way are you heading and what direction needed to be taken?!, these are questions that should always cross your mind it should gives you the adequate energy that will drive you towards achieving your goals.
Success will present itself to those who had the vision of What to do and when to do them exactly and also does them.
when a person does the right thing at the wrong timing no matter how hard he worked, there will only be little or nothing to show for it and this is what happened to a person who lack the right direction, a person who follow the wrong directions always know what to do but the timing is never right…
Having the right direction is very important in every endeavour of humanity.
Therefore, stay focus at always never allow yourself to be found at the wrong direction because its dangerous.
Oftentimes people found themselves on the wrong direction and things seems not working the way they ought to, so they began to loose hope and courage, always checkmate yourself to see if you are on the right direction and if you aren’t, its time to make a U turn and get to the right direction, never stop equipping yourself with updated information regarding what you are doing, carry out research, make enquiries and ask questions this will give you the right answers and information that will really help you.
Stop being stereotype in your approach and never allow your ego to drive you away from those that will help you actualize your goals.
Therefore, you must stay motivated, activated and directed when ascending the ladder of success.

“`Hope you are inspired.


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