Road to success Volume: 5 week 5



Monday 13 January , 2020. 19:20pm


At some point you laugh

At some other point you are just not in The mood

There are times you feel so much at the top of your game

There are times you just can’t figure out where you really belong.

Even, there comes a time that you questioned your own beliefs,

Times you are no longer sure of what to believe anymore

At this juncture your decision is the most important thing, either good or bad you’ll live with the consequences of your actions.

Still yet, you have to deal with what others will say of you

Haba! You cannot please everyone and you cannot make everyone happy at the same time!

Do the right thing that is necessary at that!! Right time!! and let your conscience be free.

NOTE:– success come to those who have the vision of what to do and also does them at the right time.

This is what make you humans, and being humans is not in your existence but rather, in you living for a clear purpose and vision, which gives a direction to achieving worthy goals that clearly define your mission on Earth,

This is what is left behind as a legacy signature on the banner that carries your image long, after you are gone in the heart of those you were able to make maximum impact in their life while you were still alive….

If you can dream it

You can be it. ..

And that is the road to success we all have been dreaming about.




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