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Road to success Volume: 1

 Thursday 24 Oct, 2019

There are many definition of success depending on how each person can view it in his own perspective, I will simply put it that, success is the state of being self fulfilling in all areas of life while impacting and bringing out the best in the life of everyone you touch. Also success is not destination it’s journey of a progressive realisation of wealthy goals.

Being successful is everyone’s dream and aspiration in life, but not everyone is ready to take on the challenges associated with success because it has its own price.

Every success is associated with a price which must be paid. It’s is very possible for someone to be rich and not successful and also its possible for someone who is not rich to be more successful, success is measure in the amount of life it has touched and Imparted positively.

For you to be successful,

you must be focus, in other words focus means

 F—–> follow

 O—–> one

 C—–> course

 U—–> until 


Follow one course until success, the question is, what do you follow?, and who do you follow? The companion of fools shall perish.

The people you follow in life can either take you up or bring you down. There must be one particular course you must follow chase it with determination and and persistence until you achieve success, don’t ever quit because quitters never win.

Success is meant for those who are aggressive, if you must succeed then its time you put away your gentility ways of handling matters at hand, rise up to the task before you, because that is the only way to get yourself on the path to success..

Success don’t just happen! Thus, it’s earn with hardworking.

Laziness is the grandfather of poverty,

When you follow one course to succeed, failure might come but it cannot stop you, after all is part of life, see it as challenge and let it drive your moral to press on, always remember, at the edge of failure success will emerge

Always aspire to try, often time people gave up without a try, they got discourage easily without taking the step of venting into the ideas on their head, how can you be discourage in what you never try!, some oven judge themselves with the failure of others, No!, just because they fail doesn’t mean you will fail too!! , just because someone practically tells you that it can’t work, doesn’t mean it won’t, comm’on!!! what doesn’t work for them, and will never work for them will work for you because you are different and different people do things differently.

Success is for the person who fail today and say to himself I will try again tomorrow,

Keep trying and stayed focus success is near.

Hope you have been motivated

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