See World 2020 Full List of Top Richest Clubs

Manchester United stood at the top of the rich Premier League list, valued at £2.84 billion.

According to KPMG, the Old Trafford squad remains the second-most valuable club in Europe.

The Red Devils have actually seen their worth drop by 2 per cent in a tumultuous year.

And it’s been announced recently that they’re in debt crushing, not helped by the coronavirus pandemic-with their money owed rocketing £127.4 million to a total of £429 million.

Yet the main news came out of Anfield, with Liverpool leapfrogging Manchester City and Chelsea sitting second in England and fourth in Europe.

The European champions and champions-elect of the Premier League saw a 19.3 per cent boost to their value from a spider.

The Reds are now worth a £2.26bn astronomical, ahead of City (£2.21bn) and Chelsea (£1.88bn)-with the Blues seeing a 6.3% decline in value.

Real Madrid-priced at £2.95bn despite having a minor increase over the past 12 months-is still the top of Europe.

Barcelona (£2.71bn) and Bayern Munich (£2.44bn) slot in the Man Utd section below.

Tottenham and Arsenal both reach the top ten, but they’ve had very different years.

Spurs saw a 15.8 per cent rise in its value, rising to eighth in Europe-a one-spot boost-at £1.75 billion.

Richest clubs in the world 2020 list

But the Gunners slipped into tenth position, dropping two spots below their rivals in North London and Paris Saint-Germain.

The champions of the Ligue 1 saw the largest percentage increase in the top ten overall, with their stock rising by 36.7%.

Arsenal saw a 13.2 percent slip, now worth just £1.57bn, with West Ham’s next most valuable Premier League side in 18th, closely followed by Leicester in 19th place.

Next year, however, due to the coronavirus pandemic, both teams could see the value fall dramatically.

Due to the lockout, all clubs in Europe faced tremendous financial difficulties, some players and staff were forced to take a pay-cut or even furloughed.

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