Step By Step Guide On How To Open a Business PayPal Account In Nigeria

To every business owner, one of the important thing is having an international profile such as business PayPal where you can receive your business funds and more.

Today, we will take you through a step by step guide in how to open a business PayPal in Nigeria


Make sure you have a valid email account, its always better to open a gmail account, if you don’t have one, please open one specifically for this one, and if possible, let it be only for PayPal.


You have to realize that PayPal business account Is not available for Nigerian IP. When you open the site, what you see is Personal and premier accounts. The web address is what you then have to do is change the “Ng” to “Is” “Is” is the page IP for Island. Or type the web address on your browser like this If you have done so click, get started. As it opens, you will see business account. Click learn more


Under business . Get Started, form will drop down fill your email and password and click “ Signup”


There, enter your email address and Click continue. Fill in again your email and scroll down to accept the agreement and Privacy and continue


Supply your business information and click continue


Provide more information about your organization and click continue


Certify and submit


Go to your email and follow other instructions

Congratulations, you now have a Nigerian business PayPal account.

And this is already a good development for you because you can start making money thereby. You need to behave as a smart marketer, but run away from fraud, many people needs PayPal business account for their online and they don’t know how to open it. What you do is charge them for doing it. People are ready to pay from N10,000-N50,000 to open an account. Therefore you can start making up to N100,000 monthly doing it. This is not fraud, it’s a legitimate business. It is better to earn little by little than to desire to make millions fraudulently. There is repercussion for every actions we take in life.

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