The Best Way to Make Your Teeth White Within 1 Week; Without Spending Money

I believe the joy in public is when you talk and you are not disappointed by the colour of your teeth or smell of the mouth.

This has become a problem which most people are suffering from in the world, especially in areas where the Liam light of development has not fully been seen.

It is on this ground that I want to address the issue of tooth problem “tooth colour”. It is no doubt that the normal teeth colour is white which everyone was born with as a baby, Nevertheless a lot of people have developed other colours in their teeth, hence I want to show us a local way of whitening our teeth without spending money.

No doubt many people would not buy the idea as it will be seen as a system for the people in the village who don’t have the money for toothpaste, but No, as it is a tested theory by the people of old and even those who knows it’s worth today, hence I give the charcoal + salt method of brushing our teeth. With the combination of the salt and charcoal in brushing;the salt has the power of killing most germs as the charcoal has the power to fight against colour on our teeth.

Mode of preparation and use.

1. Get Ashes burnt from firewood or Charcoal from firewood

2. Grind with stone if Charcoal

3. Add salt of a moderate quantity

4. Mix together and it is ready to be put to use

5. Use toothbrush or finger to brush your teeth, most preferably the finger as it is the local equipment for the job

6. Make sure to scrub the surface of your teeth very well

7. Rinse mouth with water when you feel it is okay for the day

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