The Conditions Patient Are Likely To Die Of Coronavirus

The Minister of Health, Osagie Ehanir has warned people with some underlining health conditions to stay clear and observe all the safety measures rigorously as they constitute the majority of Coronavirus deaths in Nigeria.
He said people suffering from underlining ailments such as hypertension and diabetes, etc must be should observe extra safety measures.
The Minister of Health disclosed this at the daily Presidential Task Force (PTF) on Coronavirus briefing on Thursday, saying about 70 per cent of deaths recorded were persons of over 60 years of age.
“The morbidity of fatalities we have had with COVID-19, 70 per cent of them had hypertension or diabetes and the rest were kidney disease, HIV, cancer, tuberculosis and other challenges.
“A finding from the analysis of the death pattern shows 30 per cent of male and female around that ratio and about 70 per cent of fatalities were persons over 60 years old while majority of positives were persons between the ages of 29 and 49,” he said.

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