Top 5 Things That Can Put You Into “Wahala” In Nigeria


Nigerian police officers love arresting people unnecessarily. You’ll be amazed when they start listing your offences.

If you are confident enough and would love to attract police trouble in Nigeria, try these tricks and don’t say I didn’t tell you initially.

Top 5 Things That Will Surely Put You In Police “Wahala” In Nigeria

1. Claiming Right Or Claiming To Know The Law

Try to prove you know the law more than them. Most especially when you tell them you know your rights. When it comes to police, rights take on new meanings.

2. Carrying Laptop In A Backpack Or Just The Backpack

Just know that it’s either you part with a huge sum of money or you lavish in the cell for a night. To Nigerian police officers, you’re an internet fraudster.

3. Walking Or Going Outside At Night

Buying Suya late at night: Your girlfriend craved for suya and you decided to be the good boyfriend. God help you if police officers decide to raid that night, you’re done for.

4. Having Dread Locks, Tattoo, Or Gold Chains, Or Iphone

Once you’re on dreads, you automatically sign for police trouble. To them, dreads means you’re a potential criminal. If you want to add more salt, just tint your dreads to red or green.

5. Using A Benz, Venza, Or Any Sophisticated Car

Make sure you are a young guy and your car is above the 2009 model. To police officers, you are a bag of money. Therefore, it’s very easy for them to milk you.

Funny enough, when armed robbers are operating in an area, they won’t show up until the robbers are gone.

The End!!!

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